Full House - Season 7

ABC (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • 9/14/93
    When his daughters return from an extended summer camp, Danny is disappointed to learn that they didn't seem to miss home too much. Later, when everyone learns that Michelle brought a wild rabbit home in her duffel bag, the girls happily ride back to the camp grounds with Steve to set the animal free.moreless
  • The Apartment
    Episode 2
    Danny is uncomfortable with the idea of D.J. being at Steve's apartment, but he reluctantly agrees. D.J. and Steve end up alone together. Danny finds out and heads over to Steve's place, and he jumps to the wrong conclusion when he finds the lovebirds asleep on the couch.
  • Wrong-Way Tanner
    Episode 3
    While Michelle is delighted to be playing on Coach Joey's soccer team, it is evident that she is not the natural athlete that her older sisters were at her age. Determined to see his little girl succeed, Danny pushes Michelle to practice her skills, only to cause further problems when Michelle unintentionally scores the winning goal for the other team.moreless
  • Tough Love
    Episode 4
    Jesse and Rebecca are initially willing to overlook the twins' out-of-control behavior, but when they destroy Michelle's science project, it is evident that they need to buckle down with the discipline. However, Jesse, proves to struggle the most with this, and when forced to punish the boys, he must deal with the words that almost every parent hears from their children at some point.moreless
  • Fast Friends
    Episode 5
    After having 2 weeks of no one knowing her at Junior High, Stephanie finds an unexpected blessing in Mickey, a hip new classmate who helps her adjust to her new school. Their friendship stands to be destroyed, however, when Mickey's cigarette-smoking pals smirk at Stephanie's wholesome demeanor. Wanting desperately to gain approval in her new surroundings, Stephanie searches for help in some strange places to make the right decision.moreless
  • 10/19/93
    Jesse has just inherited the Smash Club. He gets inspiration from the kids as to what to do with it. But not having very good business sense Jesse struggles to try to get a loan to fix it up.
  • High Anxiety
    Episode 7
    Michelle longs to emulate her older sister and go shopping for her own clothes, but that's tough to do when Danny is clinging tighter than ever to his baby girl. As Michelle grows more and more frustrated with her father's overbearing nature, she finally snaps and reveals her true feelings to Danny. It's clear that both father and daughter have some changes to make, but will they be able to find a happy medium? Jesse, meanwhile, struggles to make even the most minuscule decisions about his new Smash Club, and as a result, the living room is soon crowded with some unconventional new "furniture."moreless
  • 11/2/93
    Opening night for Jesse's newly remodeled Smash Club has finally arrived, and while the entire family is thrilled to contribute, getting through the evening is hardly a smooth ride. Jesse is not too happy about letting Kimmy be a waitress, and the two of them end up getting locked in the storage room.moreless
  • 11/9/93
    When Michelle and Denise eagerly send away for an adorable Rigby toy, what they finally receive is hardly the same item that appeared on the television commercials. Stephanie tries to convince them that it's just "one of those things," but when Joey finds out about this, he encourages the girls to take a bold stand against the ripoff of false advertisement.moreless
  • The Prying Game
    Episode 10

    While studying at the library, Stephanie is shocked to discover that Steve is laughing and flirting with another girl. Fiercely protective of her older sister, Stephanie sneaks into Steve's apartment and uncover some clues about his private life, but things do not go quite as planned.

  • The Bicycle Thief
    Episode 11

    A bicycle watch program is formed when Michelle reports her bicycle stolen. In a strange turn of events, Danny, Jesse, and Joey each accidentally steal a similar bike.

  • 11/30/93

    Rebecca, has a problem when she notices that the twins are exhibiting social problems, but she can't seem to pull her husband out of his denial. Why is this specific problem so difficult for Jesse to accept?

  • The Perfect Couple
    Episode 13
    As the new host of a couples game show, Joey enlists the help of Jesse, Rebecca, D.J., Steve, Danny, and Vicky to be the contestants for a trial run episode. When Vicky can't make it, Danny is paired with the producer's assistant Estelle. Juicier and more entertaining television is sought by causing the couples to argue in front of the camera, but the fun and games are over when, upon Vicky's return, she and Danny make a devastating decision about their engagement.moreless
  • 1/4/94
    Stephanie and Gia spread rumors about each other.
  • The Test
    Episode 15

    As D.J. frets day and night over her upcoming SAT's, Danny convinces the family to act calmly in her presence. Unfortunately their support only aggravates D.J. more.

  • 1/25/94

    Being a comedian is a tougher and more complicated job than some people think. Joey learns an important lesson about this when, after starting a relationship with fellow comedienne Roxy, he invites her over to meet the family. Things start out pretty well, but after Roxy pokes some allegedly innocent fun at the Tanners in her public comedy act, they are not in much of a mood to be friendly towards her.

  • The Last Dance
    Episode 17

    When Jesse's beloved grandfather Papouli arrives from Greece for a visit, the man fills the entire house with his loving and lighthearted perspective on life. The family is crushed when he dies in his sleep, but no one is more impacted than Jesse and Michelle, who are both struggling to reveal their true emotions. The bond between them is stronger than ever, however, and in the wake of this devastating tragedy, they just might be able to help each other heal.

  • Kissing Cousins
    Episode 18

    When Jesse arrives back home from attending his grandfather's funeral in Greece, he has a special surprise for the family--Stavros, a cousin who could easily pass as Jesse's long-lost twin. Although Stavros' rude and dishonest behavior takes its toll on the family, they do their best to stick it out for Jesse, who clearly idolizes Stavros.

  • Love on the Rocks
    Episode 19

    D.J. think about her own stale relationship with Steve. As their priorities change and dates turn into a chore, will these former lovebirds have the courage to make the right decision for their futures?

  • Michelle a la Cart
    Episode 20
    Aggravated by an obnoxious classmate named Kenny, Michelle teams up with Rebecca to build a soapbox car and compete in a local children's competition. Although she is told that this is not the kind of thing that girls do, Michelle stands strong--but when Kenny's teasing goes too far, Michelle decides to drop everything and quit.moreless
  • 4/5/94
    Michelle is excited when her former best friend Teddy moves back from Texas and rejoins the class. However, she is faced with a dilemma when a "best friends" project at school forces her to choose between him and Denise.
  • A Date with Fate
    Episode 22
    In the aftermath of their respective breakups, D.J. and Danny both decide that they are ready to try the dating game again. D.J. accepts a blind date arranged by Stephanie, and Danny pairs up with a camera operator.
  • 5/10/94
    When Michelle's school wants to cut the art program from the current curriculum, Joey seems like the perfect candidate to offer a rebuttle and run for PTA president. Unfortunately, the irritating Mrs. Carruthers, who advocates the removal of art classes and wants to land the job as president, does not make things easy for Joey when she launches a full campaign. Apparently, though, it seems that Michelle's friend Denise has a famous uncle that might be able to help Joey reach the top.moreless
  • A House Divided
    Episode 24
    The family face a tempting situation when a wealthy old man--who lived in the Tanners' home many years ago--offers them a tidy sum of money for the house. While everyone is thrilled about getting a bigger place, Michelle is upset over the idea--especially when Jesse, Becky, and Joey talk about branching out and buying their own houses. Determined to keep her family together, it will take all the sneaky tricks this 7-year-old possesses to reverse Danny's plans to sell.moreless