Full House

Season 4 Episode 11

Secret Admirer

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 1990 on ABC

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  • superb

    A prank love letter written by Rusty spirals out of control, into each member of the family thinking it is for/from someone else. Will they figure out it was Rusty or is already too late?

    Pretty good episode. Not my favorite kind of plot but it was handled in a good way. Had some funny parts. It started off kind of boring, I thought, but it got better as it went along. The scene with each member thinking about the letter is one of the best parts in the show, I think ("I'll be doing mankind a favor by killing them"). Overall it was a pretty decent episode that gets an A- as a grade from me
  • Hillarious! It was my favorite episode I have ever seen in Full House history.

    The plot is really confusing if you never saw it before. I will do my best to tell you, but I'll take it slowly. OK, in the first scene, we see DJ having a crush on Ricky, the cute paper boy. So, Rusty decides to write a love letter to DJ saying it was from the paper boy. But instead, it gets to Stephanie, who now thinks rusty is in love with him. I loved her reaction and then Michelle's reaction. They both cracked me up. OK, so Stephanie hides it in a laundry basket which is Joey's laundry. Cindy takes out the basket and sees the letter, so now she thinks that both Joey and Danny are in love with her. Then, she hides it away in a book that are plans for Wake Up San Fransico. Rebecca sees the letter, and thinks Danny's in love with her. I loved it when she thought Jesse was going to kill Danny, and then got happy about it. Next, Jesse comes down but Rebecca didn't want him to see it, so she hides it in a book saying its Kimmy's overdo library book. And then, when Kimmy began to think that Jesse was in love with her, that was so funny. So then, Jesse sees the letter and thinks that either Danny or Joey gave Rebecca the letter. Hillarious when Jesse wanted to kill both of them. Everytime he made a crack about killing them, it was so funny. Such as, "Look at these two. One of em can't shut up and the other needs a bib! I'll be doing mankind a favor when I kill em." Or when he said, "I'll kill em both and settle it out later." I also loved the picnic table seen. Their thoughts were totally hillarious. In the end, it all worked out and DJ learned that Ricky really does love her. This was the best episode ever and if you haven't seen, watch it!
  • Hilarious episode! Watch it!

    This episode was great! i love the plot, and about how crazy it gets by the end! First Rusty to Dj, which actually goes to Stephanie, then Cindy thinks it's from Joey, and Becky thinks it's from Danny, and Jesse finds and it and Kimmy thinks it's from Jesse, and it's just insane!! I love the ending when Danny's talking and everyone's thinking, who loves me and why! Man, it was hilarious to me! Michelle tries to learn to read and uses all these adult thoughts in her mind! She was sooo determined to learn too! I loved this episode because it was just tooo funny!
  • This is one of my favorite episodes of full house!Its sooooooooooo funny and entertaing.

    Everytime I watch it, I get so confused (in a good way). Its like this... rusty wrote the letter and told Michelle to give it to her sister and to tell her it was from the paper boy... he ment Dj, but instead she gave it to stephanie and told stephanie that it was from rusty, then she hid it in the laundry and joey had a note in the laundry already for cindy telling her somthing... she took the wrong note... and thats where I get confused. I love this episode!
  • Hands down one of the best Full House episodes right in the middle of their heyday.

    I though this was one of the best episodes because it involves every character within the plot. i also like rusty and his mom and thought they should have kept the character, but they just seemed to vanish after the new year\\\'s episode. This episode also takes place in my favorite season too, because it has the wedding episode, and it is pre-twins. i don\\\'t wanna sound mean but they really stunk up the show, it was like they were trying to push another michelle on us, but no one was buying it
  • Funny stuff

    Right from the start from Rusty writing that letter, and his bribing Michelle was funny. And then when Michelle tells the truth about who wrote it and still keeps the money. Then all hell breaks loose when the letter goes around to almost everyone, seeing there reaction was very funny, and there speculation of who it was that wrote it, priceless. This episode was very well written, because it involves everyone, and it is tough to actually get all the characters in the story and have it make sense and easy follow. All in all this was very smart and well written.
  • Danny is hosting the first annual Tanner backyard barbecue get together. His girlfriend, Cindy, and her son, Rusty, are invited. Meanwhile, DJ is crushing on Ricky the paperboy. Rusty writes a love letter to DJ "from Ricky" and the letter starts a whole l

    This is one of my favorite episodes. Although Rusty's laugh creeps me out, the episode is really funny. Michelle is so funny when she thinks "I gotta learn to read." The confusion makes it really funny. Especially when Kimmy thinks Jesse loves her, which is really far out. I could watch this a million times.
  • One of my most favorite episodes of Full House.

    I loved the way the note gets passed around. And the way you could hear their thoughts was hilarious. How Jesse kept correcting himself in his mind: "Now I can find the real reasel-weasel" Very, very funny! And how you could hear everyone thinking at the table. How Danny said in his mind (As he was talking to the others):"It's a good thing I can ramble on for hours and hours...and hours." And Michelle singing in her head, And Comet's mind:

    "Gee, I hope somebody drops their hamburger"

    That was probably the funniest quote of the series. And the only time we hear what Comet thinks. Lol
  • Ewww Rusty loves me.

    I thought this was just a silly episode. Okay now come on who in that house would really think that any of the other, with the excpetion of Becky and Jesse, would write a love letter to each other. The whole story line seemed just plain silly. Especially at the end when they are running around the house chasing Rusty. The best part of this episode was when the paperboy came and Danny only had a large bill and DJ told the paperboy to keep the change.
  • Though I've heard there was a movie like this, it was still qquite funny to see everyone's reaction

    One big practical joke is a lot more believable than a whole bunch,a nd this makes this episode better than its predecessor. It's confusing at times for some people, but can be kept track of if you taake good notes :-) We never see what happens to Cindy, but the relationship probably just doesn't get very far beyond friendship. However, it's nice to see Danny now feels comfortable dating.