Full House

Season 4 Episode 8

Shape Up

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1990 on ABC

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  • D.J. receives an invitation to Kimmy's 14th birthday party. The party takes place at a hotel. D.J. starts to lose weight with dangerous results and putting Stephanie in a bad position.

    I remember this episode aired on my tenth birthday. I really enjoyed this episode. This episode deals with eating disorders and body image. D.J. starts to lose weight for Kimmy's 14th birthday party at a hotel. D.J. is embarrased to be seen in a swimsuit in front of her friends. Stephanie discovers D.J.'s secret, she knew that D.J. is lying about eating her lunch. D.J. makes Stephanie pinky swear that she has not been eating for three days. While the rest of the family are at the local gym, D.J. starts to do some dieting with dangerous results and gets dizzy. At dinnertime, everyone ask D.J. if she is ok. D.J. says she's fine. Stephanie tells everyone that the reason why D.J. is acting cranky and get dizzy, because D.J. has not eaten in three days. D.J. tells Stephanie that she pinky swore. Stephanie says she doesn't care she was concerned about D.J. and doesn't want her getting sick. Danny finds out about it and asks if this is true. Jesse suggests that D.J. sits down and eat right now. D.J. says she's starting to lose weight. Danny lectures D.J. that this kind of behavior could lead to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. D.J. walks away and Stephanie says, "I hope she's not mad at me". Jesse says, "Nah! You did the right thing. She's lucky to have a sister like you". D.J. tells Danny that she wants to look like those models in a magazine. Danny tells D.J. to take care of herself. D.J. say she promises no more crash diets. D.J. says is going to have a good time at Kimmy's pool party.
  • This episode was really sad and I felt so much sympathy for DJ.

    DJ wants to be skinny, so she goes on a crash diet. She starves herself for three days and tells no one. Stephanie finds out, but DJ makes her promise not to tell anyone. Then DJ works herself to death at the gym and sweats tremendously. This leads to her fainting and having the family all rush home. I felt so bad for her because she was not heavy at all and she was very beautiful in her own way. I'm glad she realized this at the end of the episode. Overall, this episode was awesome and I recommend watching it.
  • D.J learns an lesson on crash dieting the hard way.

    D.J and Kimmy were discussing about the birthday party.I think that Kimmy is throwing.When D.J was looking over her swimsuit to wear.She begin to see that it doesn't fit her.So she begin to think about dieting.She did get some advice from Becky about dieting and stuff.So D.J decided that she wasn't going to eat anything.So when her family offer her food and stuff.She said she would eat it.But in the end she doesn't.When Stephaine saw this.She grew concern for her sister.D.J made her pinky swear not to tell anyone about this.After an accident in the gym.Stephaine couldn't take it anymore and start telling what d.j been doing.

    Dieting and excercise is good.But eating something is important too.Rather than starving.
  • I very serious epsiode for a comady

    I was shoked when I saw this epsidode becsue you would not expect to see somthing so serious as this on a comady. eating disordors are moor serious then MOST people relize I went thourgh it when I was younger and I tried to stop on my own it did not work it took some councling and some serious evluation on why I chose to do it and that is why I was so suprised to see DJ get over it so quickly in a mater of 3 days I still sturgle with it 5 to 6 YEARS later so that was my only problem with it something so serious on a comady they should save this topic for shows like 7th heaven and ER maybe

    What dose everyone else think
  • water pops

    This was an excellent episode. The truth be told out of the mouth of babes. When DJ feels she's to fat to go to Kimmy's birthday party that happens to be a swim party. So DJ goes on a no eating diet. First of all it shows how society is. so judgemental and so mean. Even at DJ's young age she is aware of what society expects from her. So starving herself was the only option she thought she had. It took a lot of guts for Stephanie to tell on DJ. What a dilema that must have been. Why does many of society judge a person for what they look like instead of who they are?
  • Important to show you dont' have to please others, just yourself - and pleasing others can be dangerous

    D.J.'s role is great here as she struggles with something many young ladies do, thinking about her figure. She goes a little more overboard than some but it's at least plausibly consistent with her character, I think.
    As for the other, w/Michelle, you just have to accept there's things we don't see, and that Michelle went to timeout or at least had a bath with no bubbles or toys and no dessert (actually that one's more likely) after they finished laughing at her gobbling up the sweets.