Full House

Season 6 Episode 17

Silence is Not Golden

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 1993 on ABC

Episode Recap

Stephanie and her classmate Charles are assigned to work together on a homework assignment. After school, Charles goes to the house with Stephanie, and while working on the assignment with her, Charles slips up and is forced to admit that his father beats him up all the time for unexplained reasons. Charles feels helpless because, like Stephanie, he has no mother. He makes her promise to tell no one about the abuse. Later, when Michelle berates Danny for punishing her after inadvertently running up a phone bill by constantly calling the "Funny Buddy" riddle hotline, Stephanie tells her that she is lucky to have a father who does not hit her like Charles', and tells Jesse what Charles told her. Jesse, willing to help Charles, reports the abuse, and Charles is placed in a foster home while his father is taken into custody for the abuse. He tells his niece that even though she feels lousy about the situation, she did the right thing by coming to her uncle with it.

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