Full House

Season 6 Episode 17

Silence is Not Golden

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 1993 on ABC

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  • my thoughts

    Love itwas sad

  • Silence isn't golden

    Stephenie is going through some pretty tough things. Her friend charles is being abused by his dad. Stephine was keeping it a secret until she got to upset and had to tell her uncle Jessie and Jessie called and reported what happened and they moved charles away from his dad. When Stephenie got home Jessie told her what happened and got a little upset but she felt better after and when her dad got home she gave him a big hug. I really liked this episode it teached a lesson I am not to old my self and im hoping something like that wouldn't happen to any of my friends I would be really upset.
  • The episode catches the issue of child abuse in which a known bully of the class is stuck doing a class project with Stephanie. Stephanie feels he is a jerk until she discovers that he is physically abused by his father and she confides with Jesse.

    I loved this episode and couldn't help but get emotionally attached with the issue faced within the episode. At first I though Charles was a complete jerk but just as Stephanie reacted I reacted with her. This episode did a very excellent job capturing the audiences attention. It teaches a terrific lesson and was very moving. I'm not going to lie that I teared the first time I watched this episode. Child abuse is a big issue in the society and this episode couldn't have explained it any better. I think this episode should count definitely as a must see.
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  • perfect

    Stephanie is paired with a boy named Charles on a project, and she does not like his attitude. However, they start talking, and Stephanie learns some surprising information; his dad beats him up at home. He makes her promise not to tell anyone, but will Stephanie?

    Good episode. It was pretty sad. The ending, the hug Stephanie gives her dad (for no reason) really showcases how lucky some kids are, because they do not have to deal with abusive parents, they have parents who love them. This was such a good episode and handled maturely. This episode definitely gets an A+ as a grade from me
  • The obligatory "child abuse" episode hits home beautifully when young Stephanie is reluctant to unveil a dangerous secret about a classmate.

    All the classic 1980's-1990's sitcoms like Full House always included a heart-wrenching episode like this, coming forward with issues that most prefer to keep quiet about. This series chooses Stephanie to carry out a plot about a classmate being abused at home, and Jodie Sweetin does a terrific job conveying the fear and emotion of a kid who involuntarily becomes involved with a friend's frightening secret.

    This was definitely one of Full House's top episodes. Discussing something like this can be risky, but it was very well done here and gets it down perfectly. I also agree with another reviewer in that it was nice to finally see Danny knuckle down good with little Michelle. We all know how spoiled little youngest daughter got away with most everything in this series, but she got what she deserved here and it was a perfect example of a loving, nurturing father who does what is best for his child.

    Far and away, this episode of Full House touches on the emotional base of family love and being grateful for what you have. Jodie Sweetin and John Stamos were a pleasure to watch together as uncle helped niece through a very painful situation. Highly recommended, and one episode of Full House that you will really want to watch.
  • Stephanie finds out that a kid in her class is being abused and is forced to either keep her promise or tell Jesse. Michelle calls Dial-A-Joke without Danny's permission. Jesse & Steve read seperate halfs of a book they are both assigned. Good Episode.

    This is the best episode ever. Stephanie struggles to keep her promise that her friend is being abused or tell someone what's going on. The Jesse and Steve plot was funny too. Michelle calls a Dial-a-Joke for $2.00 a minute. Then Danny finds out. Uh-Oh. This episode is both funny and touching. Soem Secrets are not the best secrets to shut up about. Are chatterbox from Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4 is gone now. You will love this episode no doubt about it. It's brilliant. The Best episode of Season 6 and the best episode I've seen so far.
  • When Stephanie's classmate Charles told Stephanie about the fact that his father hits him.Meanwhile,Michelle gets in trouble for calling a Funny Buddy that costs money.Stephanie tells Jesse about Charles's father,and then he reported it.

    I think it teaches you a lesson about knowing whats the right thing to do,and when it's right to tell someone a secret or promise.I also think that Stephanie learned about knowing what the right thing to do is.Michelle learned that you need to always ask permission when you call a number that costs money,and to know the right thing to do.As the episode kept going on,Stephanie learned more about Charles and cared more about him.Stephanie learned about knowing that it's right to take Charles to a foster family.Uncle Jesse taught her about knowing when to tell someone a secret,and that it was right to take Charles away.I liked the episode because it teaches you lessons,and it was interesting to know about Charles and what Stephanie's reaction woould be on Charles and about his father.
  • Stephanie is told not to tell about her friend being abused by the dad but tells anyway.to help charles

    In this episode uncle Jessie is suppose to be reading a book called Much Ado About Nothing but in a scene where he is talkin to Stephanie he is actually holding a book called Catcher In The Rye by J.D Salinger. The book was banned in the U.S because of the language....funny when this show is (G/TV/-G).
  • Some secrets are not good to keep

    Some secrets are not good to keep. When Steph learns that her friend is being abused by his father she doesn't know what to do. She struggles with tell or keeping her promise that she wouldn't tell that she made to her friend. When a child is faced with this kind of thing its very hard to know what to do. When Steph finally tell Jesse he does the right thing by reporting the incedent. Helping the kid to be safe.
  • Drama, feeling, tender moments, and Danny gets one right w/Michelle!

    This was a very special episode showcasing Stephanie's compassiona nd concern for others - helpign charles, finally being willing to tell, the gut-wrenching feeling she much had before, wondering if she should, and just the kind of responses you'd realistically expect. She's torn partly because she can't imagine a family situation that's that horrible. And, to top it all off, Danny gets one right dealign with Michelle's misbehavior. The kind of thing numerous kids might be tempted to do - make phone calls they know are wrong - and especially Michelle woudl be. An hour early bedtime for a week at an age when staying up later is every child's goal, and is very important! He knew exactly how to handle it, he was tough, didn't acceptjust an "I'm sorry," but was fair and loving. Michelle acted upset, but she accepted it, though she was mad. This was a true classic, and filled with pathos.