Full House

Season 6 Episode 17

Silence is Not Golden

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 1993 on ABC

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  • The obligatory "child abuse" episode hits home beautifully when young Stephanie is reluctant to unveil a dangerous secret about a classmate.

    All the classic 1980's-1990's sitcoms like Full House always included a heart-wrenching episode like this, coming forward with issues that most prefer to keep quiet about. This series chooses Stephanie to carry out a plot about a classmate being abused at home, and Jodie Sweetin does a terrific job conveying the fear and emotion of a kid who involuntarily becomes involved with a friend's frightening secret.

    This was definitely one of Full House's top episodes. Discussing something like this can be risky, but it was very well done here and gets it down perfectly. I also agree with another reviewer in that it was nice to finally see Danny knuckle down good with little Michelle. We all know how spoiled little youngest daughter got away with most everything in this series, but she got what she deserved here and it was a perfect example of a loving, nurturing father who does what is best for his child.

    Far and away, this episode of Full House touches on the emotional base of family love and being grateful for what you have. Jodie Sweetin and John Stamos were a pleasure to watch together as uncle helped niece through a very painful situation. Highly recommended, and one episode of Full House that you will really want to watch.