Full House

Season 1 Episode 13

Sisterly Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 1988 on ABC

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  • Margaret?

    What kind of middle name is, *giggle* *laugh* *choke* MARGARET! Ha ha ha! I feel so sorry for DJ!

    Even Donna Jo is a weird name. Good thing she goes by "DJ".

    The plot was great. The acting was great. The whole thing about Stephanie getting the part in the commercial over DJ was totally unexpected if you ask me. Thats good. I hate it when shows are predictable. But this episode wasn't.

    In this episode, we learn DJ's middle name. "Margaret" WOW.

    You gotta admit though, Stephanie's "act" in the tryouts for the commercial were kinda better than DJ's. DJ wasn't being unique when she was just saying her normal lines! But Stephanie came up with her own and she got the part! Impressive work by Stephanie!

    Just disappointing that DJ didn't get the part. I am so sorry for DJ after this horrible experience and embarassment.
  • How an simple comerical,makes an big fuss also feud between two siblings.

    After the play.D.J wants to be part of an comerical.Altough Danny see's that she may or may not get the part.That she shouldn't put any hopes that she would get the part.After practicing the comerical lines.D.J decided to go freshen up.Stephaine was left in the room alone.She decided to snack on the cereal and started to fool around with it.In the end she got the part.Which made D.J mad,that Stephaine got it not her.That is where the feud start when D.J started blaming Stephaine for stealing her part.Stephaine pointed out that she was jealous.Of course D.J told Joey and Jessie,that she was sick of her other sisters who are so cute.

    Well this episode was great.However I believed Stephaine did have an point D.J was jealous of her.I don't blame Stephaine,for taking the part.If the lady had mention to the producer or director of the comerical.That D.J was the one auditioning than that would be different.
  • Cereal causes a feud between sisters. DJ gets the role in an "Oats Boats" commercial, but Stephanie takes it away.

    DJ is starring in her school play because she plays the lead princess who has to kiss the frog to turn it back into a prince. DJ makes such a good impression in a play at school that Jesse suggests that DJ try out for a TV commercial -- an idea Danny is against, because Danny is afraid DJ will only end up disappointed. She doesn't want her to be all mad if somebody else got the part and she didn't and he just doesn't want her to go through the rejection. Danny finds an audition for a commercial in the cereal for Oat Boats. Jesse takes DJ to an audition for a cereal commercial for Oatboats. Stephanie tags along with them. After DJ auditions, she and Jesse leave the room, then Stephanie starts pretending to audition while she is alone in the room. She is eating the cereal and racing with the bananas and the strawberries in her cereal. The company's president, Mr. Benton, walks in, sees Stephanie, and gives Stephanie the job. This leaves DJ furious, and willing to do anything to sabotage Stephanie's efforts to practice for the commercial because DJ is absolutely, positively, fed up with everyone treating Stephanie and Michelle like they're "soooooo cute" while DJ is always treated like the ugly stepsister just because she's older than Stephanie and Michelle. In the end, DJ helps Stephanie with her part and admits that she didn't take the part on purpose from her. This was a great episode because it teaches DJ that jealousy is not the best way to resolve a problem with somebody that you love alot. I can't wait for this episode to be on TV again. :)
  • It's green-eyed monster time when DJ auditions for a cereal commercial, but Stephanie gets the part.

    I especially liked this episode because it shows something I'm interested in . . . television stuff and commercial producing. But most of the episode doesn't describe the name of the show, Sisterly Love. It sounds better because it was mostly describing Sisterly Hate. But I liked it anyway 'cause I like commercial producing and finally DJ was doing something special, but again, Stephanie had to come in and ruin it all. Sometimes, now, it just may be me, but sometimes Stephanie gets on my last nerve, like she always wants to get her way, but I'm glad they at least make up at the ending and they agree to never fight again . . . . . yeah right.
  • "Stephanie Judith. Donna Jo Margaret."

    This is one of the best episodes in the first season. I always love the plots that involve the sisters because it is what the people who grew up with the show related to. I loved that Stephanie innocently stole the commercial away from DJ without even knowing that she was being cute. I loved when DJ stormed up the stairs and then Stephanie asked if it was okay to be happy and yelled "I got it!" The best scene is when Stephanie is practicing and started reading the phrases in parentheses and DJ comes in and laughs. This leads to a big fight and they are eventually both pulling at the cereal box. What adds to it is when Jesse and Joey try to force them to make up and put their faces next to one another and they both just scowl.
  • good episode to watch with your sister!

    this episode is one of my favourites because it has a really nice message and shows that sisterhood is forever and commercials arn't!it's a really sweet episode.it shows how even though sisters fight sometimes deep down you love each other.it makes you want to give your sister a hug.my favourite part was when they went to the studio and dj says''but i don't have a picture''and so stephanie draws a picture of her.i thought that was cute.for the episode i give it 10/10!
  • a great episode, but a little trying to watch, and a bit predatictable, but still,it was a awesome epiosde and it was very very funny!

    this episode is the perfect crime- stephanie is being herself, by eating the oat boats cereal and accidentaly lands the part of the oat boats comerical girl, and D.J. thinks stephanie did it on puprpose, getting the part, while she was gone form the set, to sabatoge her role in the commerical.

    the plot of this epiosde is very creative and funny,and pin points the real action of what can go on between sisters, and of how accidents can turn into good things that cause bad reactions form others.

    there was a lot of classic humor in this epiosde of when the cerial box exploded, and when d.j fumed up so much she chased stephanie aroundd the kitchen trying to tackle her for stealing her part, and the humor of the situation is reall funny and very belivable.

    although, stephanie does act a litte too inocent, even trying to call " mr. oats boats" on the phone, which is kinda cheesy, but sorta funny, kinda giving it out that stephanie is a little too young and un- aware for her age.

    all in all, this funny episode goes down into history!
  • A fantabulous episode involving DJ's calling to be an actress.

    This episode was clearly well written and one of the best. Stephanie's 'How Rude' is priceless and she is a great actress. I had two favorite parts of the episode. One was when they were at the audition and Stephanie drew a portrait of DJ, stole her role, and raced bananas and strawberries. My other favorite part is when Stephanie calls the Oats Boats company and puts them on hold, then says how rude.
  • The best show ever made!

    I love this show! i hope they make moive out of it like they did with growing pains.It would be so cool to see were the cacarters are today.Also I would realy like to see what Nicky and Alex look like.They would be high high school now talk about a change.
  • Great job of showing disputes in a family & how they're resolved.

    This episode did a great job of showing real-life type situations. It also showed them all handling it just like one would expect them too - kids need help learning how to handle disappointments and such, and they all did a good job. It's nice, too, how it isn't just over right away - D.J. laughing and finally saying that she's not as upset as she had been - but she's still mad. It takes a while to get over things like this, and they men do a good job of helping them work it out. D.J.'s finally deciding to help Steph at the end is also great. On the one hand I would have like to have seen her get into an ad later with Steph, if she did another one, but I'm glad they didn't show that b/c sometimes you dont' get a second chance at something you tried for and failed.
  • This was a great episode

    This was a great episode for many reasons. First of all it showed that many kids at a yong age can't take dissapointment well. It also showed what happens when there is sisterly rivalry going on in a home. The confusion it causes and how bwhaviors change when its there. DJ was acting according to how she felt, betrayed and hurt. On the other hand Stephanie was excited and happy and couldn't understand DJ's anger. It also shows what can happen to a parent in the middle. Danny was sad for DJ and happy for Stephanie. It was very close to real life.
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