Full House

Season 4 Episode 4

Slumber Party

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

Stephanie's Honeybee troop is holding its annual mother/daughter slumber party, and this awakens feelings of loss in her, because she knows that she is the only girl in the troop who doesn't have a mother. Rebecca, who was a member of a Honeybee troop when she was young, agrees to accompany Stephanie to the slumber party, but when her car breaks down, Joey, must take her place at the party. The activities don't exactly fit Joey, so a devastated Stephanie goes back home and says that she hates the fact that she has no mother, because her mother Pam died a few years ago. D.J. talks to Stephanie, and she agrees to go back to the party, and this time, D.J. goes with her, and things turn out better, as D.J. used to be in a Honeybee troop and had gone to a slumber party with Pam back when she was 9.

Meanwhile, Danny offers the attic as office space for Joey and Jesse's business, Double-J Creative Services, so Jesse tries to get Danny to have a yard sale and sell some of the stuff that is in the attic, but Danny puts sky-high prices on the stuff, and this shows that he doesn't want to part with these things, so Jesse puts the stuff away in a storage locker for Danny, and gives him the key to the storage locker.