Full House

Season 4 Episode 4

Slumber Party

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 1990 on ABC

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  • D.J. should be this helpful more often

    This is one of the best because it shows the family trying to help, Joey at his comedic silliness sand showing thaat even the best of comedians can't make everything perfect. And, most importantly, D.J. stepping in finally to help when Becky can't. This is where they should have started to transition Michelle to having D.J. as the mother figure Jese was, she she was too attached to him by "Fuller House" for him to not move out.
  • I pledge my love and loyalty, to all the hive and every bee! Our motto is and ever was, Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz!

    This was a great episode of Full House. Stephanie's Honeybee troop is having a slumber party and there's just one problem with that for Stephanie. She doesn't have a mom to go with her to it. Here is a summary of what happened in this episode: Stephanie's Honeybee troop is holding a mother/daughter slumber party, and this awakens feelings of loss in Stephanie, because Stephanie knows that she's the only girl in the troop who doesn't have a mother. Becky, who was a member of a Honeybee troop when she was a kid, agrees to accompany Stephanie to the slumber party, but when Becky's car breaks down in Placerville, Joey must take Becky's place at the party. The activities don't exactly fit Joey, so a devastated Stephanie goes back home, unleashes an angry tirade, and says that she hates the fact that she doesn't have a mother, because her mother Pam died a few years ago. D.J. talks to Stephanie, and Stephanie agrees to go back to the party, and this time, D.J. goes with her, and things turn out better with D.J, who used to be in a Honeybee troop. Meanwhile, Danny offers the attic as office space for Joey and Jesse's business, Double J Creative Services, so Jesse tries to get Danny to have a yard sale and sell some of the stuff that is in the attic, but Danny puts sky-high prices on the stuff, and this shows that he doesn't want to part with these things, so Jesse puts the stuff away in a storage locker for Danny, and gives Danny the key to the storage locker. This was a great episode and I hope to see it again on TV really soon. :)
  • Honey Bee Joey!

    This is one of those episodes that serves as a reminder of why this group is together, and that they never forget that.

    Stephanie has a night similar to DJ and Thanksgiving. Trying to live life without their mom can sometimes be very sad. Even though Becky and Joey both try to fill in, Stephanie ends up crying, until DJ reminds her that they're blessed in other ways.

    The backdrop story is Danny's skewed attempt to clear out the attic of his collection of memories (or junk) so Double J can use it to work out of. He can't bear to part with any of it, and in the end, Jesse puts it all into storage.

    It's nice to be reminded, as viewers, that although the lives of these people continue, they never forget the past and what got them to this point. It's also nice that they don't throw it in our faces. What is proper, too much, or too little grieving? It's hard to tell, but the Tanner's pull it off nicely.
  • Stephanie can't go to the Honey Bee slumber party without a mother, can she?

    It's time for the Honey Bee slumber party, and Stephanie can't go without a mother, and she doesn't have one. So Becky offers to go with her. Stephanie is really excited, but when Becky's car breaks down far from the Tanner home, she can't make it. Stephanie's heart sinks - Joey offers to go with her. When they arrive at the party, Joey makes things pretty bad for Stephanie because he doesn't play barbies, wear high heals, or do makeovers. Stephanie storms out and ends up going back to the party with Dj later. it was a pretty good episode, but there have been better
  • Shrimp on the barbi

    I thought this was a good episode. It shows how sometimes things we take for granted are not always the way things are for all people. When the honey bees hve these slumber parties and mother daughter things it probably didn't even occur to them that Steph was motherless. Joey did his best to step in, being the good sport that he is. He would do anything for those girls. Becky was stuck and cold not get back in time for the party which makes a point that all the family tried to be there for Steph. DJ finally stepped up to the plate and went with Steph to the sleep over.