Full House

Season 7 Episode 6

Smash Club: The Next Generation

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1993 on ABC

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  • the smash club is back.

    in this episode jesse wants to bring back the smash club becasue he got a letter that they let him have it. but if he doesn't do anything with it it'll become a parking lot. well the kids tell himm it's a great idea. but this time. the smash club is for all ages. that sounds fun. then they go to fix it up then there's a mouse in the there and joey is scared and his head in stuck in the table. it was funny. then the lady comes to see how the club looks like but she is not satisfied. so she leaves. but then she gives him a other shot at the loan. then he gives his reason how the smash club change his life. then he get the loan. YES! what a great ending for a episode. i loved it.
  • jesse inherits the smash club in town

    when the smash club in town is being sold, jesse wants a loan to buy it. this episode has some funny quotes and a pretty good plot. its not my very favorite, but its entertaining enough to keep you awake and giggling. the whole thing with the cards on michelles bellybutton and everything is pretty funny
  • More character development, plus the place where it's mentioned Michelle nuked her Gumby

    This shows aagain how Jesse is slowly developing from a rebel to a family guy w/a successful career. It's awesome to see just how much like the Fonz he is, except it's not a restaurant. THe Smash cClub was closed for some time before the old owner died, and then finally Jesse has a chance to get it - the dlay is quite comon with wills. His inexperience shows, but then the lady helps him see he doesn't have to have numbers passed to him in code - he just needs to have aa heart for the place, which he does.
    Also, there's the fact that, as we learn, Michelle put a Gumby int he microwave, something that would have caused a big electrical surge and cause dthem to need lots of new stuff, probably. Which, being right before "The Devil Made Me Do It" explains a lot - after all, it's also never said why Jesse got new stuff.
  • The bodyless bartender

    This episode was a good episode. When Jesse inherites the Smash Club and goes down to take a look at it. Its a total disaster. The lady was coming to approve a loan for Jesse and he hadn't had time to get prepared for the interview. When the loan lady comes back for a second chance Jesse was thinking the loan lady wanted him to know statistics but all she really wanted was to hear from Jesse's heart why he wanted to reopen the club. It was a good episode.