Full House

Season 3 Episode 6

Star Search

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 1989 on ABC

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  • Ok, but also kind of boring to me.

    For some reason,this was a boring episode. It wasn't spectacular like any of the other episodes in the season. I wish Joey would've won Star Search, but the full House writers and other people probably wouldn't want Joey to have all that hype and fame in only the 3rd season. I thought that college video with Danny Tanner and Joey was funny. Danny looks hilarious with that mustache. I agree with Kimmy, he does look like a geek. Luckily, Dave Coulier who plays Joey is a very successful comedian and actor in real life. Overall, this was an ok episode, but it was also kind of boring to me.
  • And the winner is.....

    I thought this was a good episode. I actually remember Steve being on Star Search when it was on. I loved the challange that Joey had in front of him. He reacted just how one would be expected to act when he lost. But it also showed how you should never stop trying to achieve a dream.
  • Always funt o see Joey perform

    When Joey's on stage, he does great comedy. He can try too hard at times at home, but he's in his element here. And yet, we also learn a valuable lesson about how it's great to have goals, but just because we don't meet them doesn't mean we should give up. So many times we have expectations that we feel we have to have, when in fact they're just desires, like Joey sitting next to Ed McMahon. Like D.J. w/the ad, it would have been nice to at leaast have an allusion that Joey got ont he Tonight Show later, but in a way I'm glad they didn't because it shows he's still successful even if he doesn't get as far as he hoped.