Full House

Season 4 Episode 16

Stephanie Gets Framed

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 1991 on ABC

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  • i love this episode

    Everyone goes through this everyday with not fitting in feeling like you don't belong this episode stephanie goes to the eye docter gets glasses she's worried she's gonna be teased i liked steve urkels encouragement it inspired her and others to accept who they are.
  • Now if this was a spin-off, I would definitely laugh.

    That's all I can say. Steve Urkel will always be one of my favorite TV characters.
  • "Did I do that?" -Steve Urkel

    This is one of my favorite Full House episodes. Not only does this episode special guest star Jaleel White as his Family Matters character Steve Urkel, but it also deals with one of life's toughest challenges: getting your first pair of glasses. In this episode, Stephanie lately has been having problems reading without putting things close to her face, so it's time to get her some new glasses. Stephanie is worried that everyone will laugh at her because of her new glasses, but Steve Urkel (who by the way, wears glasses) tells Stephanie, "the point is to make them laugh with you before they laugh at you." Stephanie tries that, but still feels ashamed about her new glasses, but by the end of the episode, she learns to accept who she is, with or without glasses.

    Finally, as a response to Michelle's saying that Jaleel White sounds like Mickey Mouse, I'll tell her who he really sounds like: Sonic the Hedgehog! Why? Because Jaleel White later voiced Sonic in his earlier cartoons--Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (including the Christmas special), SaTam, and Sonic Underground.
  • In this episode, Stephanie is told that she needs glasses but is afraid that the kids will tease her. Even a lot of encouragement from her family can not sway her reasoning. But, with the help of Steve Urkel, Stephanie gets the encouragement she needs.

    In my opinion, this was one of the best Full House episodes ever. You take a kid and the common fear of wearing glasses in front of their friends and put it together into one very realistic episode. The recurance of this problem could help kids to relate with Stephanie. Also, the Full House crew did a great job of casting an excellent guest star for this episode; Steve Urkel. He is funny, goofy,and can relate to the problem. He also provided a lot of laughs. Overall, this episode was episode was probably one of the best ones ever. The acting was totally flawless!
  • Glasses

    I thought this was a well written episode. What a kid goes through when he or she has to wear do look or do something different out of the norm of the class. They feel out of place. You wpould evision things much worse them they really are. Like Steph did when she got her glasses. With some very unhelpful advise from Joey Steph tried to make jokes about her new glasses before the kids could have a chance to make fun of her. It was fun to see Steve Urkel on the show. Good episode.
  • Another good look at something many kids go through

    A good job of inserting a crossover, as it's alwaays fun to see those - though Urkel seems like he would get on nerves so much it would make them long for Kimmy. Other than that, a well-written episode - including how they inserted the crossover character - about how children react to changes like reading glasses. I just wish they'd pitted Urkel against Kimmy - that intereaction would have been classic if done right!