Full House

Season 4 Episode 22

Stephanie Plays the Field

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 1991 on ABC

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  • Great episode!

    This is definently a winner of an episode in my book:

    *I love Joey talking to Michelle about Becky and Danny wanting private time... But Michelle is so cute not wanting to leave them alone... She wants to play dolls!

    *Stephanie's story line is great! But Brett! Ugh, what a sleaze ball, wanting Stephanie to let him strike out. Good for Stephanie doing the right thing though... I love how she has to call a time out in the middle of it though, and the whole, Brett Brett, Brett Brett, thing...

    *Plus Joey's baseball commentary is pretty cool too!

    Classic Full House!
  • Stephanie joins her dad\'s little league team and then she plays against her new boyfriend and has to choose between winning and her boyfriend

    This episode is good because it shows that girls can be just as good as boys at sports because stephanie has one hell of an arm in this episode. Also i liked it because the cubs were the opposite team. Its funny how she was considering throwing him an easy pitch to hit just because he was her boyfriend. I mean i probably would have done the same but if it was a question between winning and just giving the boyfriend a break i would win because hopefully the boy would understand. this episode is one of my favorties ever.
  • Brett Brett.....Brett Brett

    I liked this episode it was well written and fun to watch. To see Steph liking a boy then having to make a choice of winning the game or loosing the boy. It all turned out okay though because Brett appologized to Steph for asking her to let him win the game.
    The part with Michelle being angry cause she can't spend as much time with Becky and Jesse as she wants since they wanted to be alone.
  • Funny and One of the Best

    Stephanie Plays the Field is awesome and it was so funny. Stephanie decides to play baseball and has a crush on a boy named Brett aka Brett-Brett. Ha ha that's so funny. She has to make a decision. Will she let her team down and let Brett's team win or will she beat Brett's team? I'm not telling you have to watch the episode cuz it's hilarious and it's amazing. Michelle wants to play with Jesse and Becky in their new attic, but they want privacy and Michelle gets mad. Ha ha ha that part so so funny too! Highly reccomended episode!!
  • What will Stephaine do? Who would she let down?

    Stephaine joins the little league in baseball.Where her father coaches.She falls in love with an guy.Who is on the opposing team.He begin to tell her that he loves her.He begin to asked her one big favor.He wants to make his father happy if they won the game.He told her to throw an easy pitch to him.If she doesn't he doesn't love her anymore.Stephaine is left with an big choice which is winning or let her boyfriend win.But if her team loses she wasn't sure what.She asked D.J for advice on what to do.In the end she decided that to win for her team.
  • Baseball is a great game

    It's especially great when Stephanie tries to play it. They do a great job of showcasing her taalents; she won't go to dance school but she is stil athletic, as shown by her climbing the curtains int he first ep. and climing into Becky's coat. Michelle's misunderstanding of "bat girl" or "bat boy," whatever they called her, was funny, and there's lots of little things that appeal to the baseball lover more than they might to the normal fan. One question - why pitcher? I'd think a dancer might make a very graceful shortstop. I guess maybe that's just where they needed her. (Also, she might play short, at this age,w hen she doens't pitch.)