Full House

Season 4 Episode 22

Stephanie Plays the Field

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the back-to-back scenes where Michelle fights to get into Jesse and Rebecca's attic room, goes to Joey for help, and angrily storms back to the attic, notice how her hair changes. Sometimes her ponytail is perfectly arranged, and other times it is messy and not so high on top of her head. The positioning of her bangs changes a lot in-between shots, too.

  • Quotes

    • Joey: Once again, a reminder. Family members are prohibited from coming onto the field and embarrassing themselves and their loved ones.

    • Danny: Come on, Steph! Fire it in there! Burn it by him! Blow that smoke! Just throw the ball, honey. I'm outta cliches.

    • Danny: Now, what are we gonna call that pitch of yours?
      Rusty: The Tanner Twister. This Saturday, we're gonna kill the Cubs!
      Stephanie: Yeah! We're gonna destroy 'em! We're gonna cream 'em! We are going to make the Cubs eat dust! I love being a jock.
      Danny: Okay, jock. Let's go.

    • Rusty: You just like baseball 'cause Brett likes baseball. I bet you can't even throw.
      Stephanie: I can, too!
      (she throws the ball hard and Rusty catches it with his mitt)
      Rusty: OW! Whoa! This babe's got an arm!
      Danny: Hey! My daughter is not a babe. She does have an arm.

    • Danny: Michelle is so excited. I told her she could be bat boy at the game today.
      (Michelle comes down dressed like Batman)
      Michelle: Daddy, I'm here.
      Danny: Michelle, you're not fighting crime. You're handing out baseball bats.
      Michelle: Aw, nuts! Can I still wear the cape?
      Danny: Sure, sweetheart.

    • Danny: Rusty, today's an important day for you, son, because... I'm gonna teach you how to slide without getting dirty.
      Rusty: That's impossible, Coach.
      Danny: Not if you Scotchgard before every at bat.

    • Michelle: Uncle Jesse locked me out.
      Joey: Now, why would Uncle Jesse do something like that?
      Michelle: I don't know. I'm a fun girl.
      Joey: Well, I'm just guessing, Michelle, but I think Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky just want some privacy.
      Michelle: What is privacy?
      Joey: Well, privacy means that they just wanna spend some time together. Just the two of them.
      Michelle: What are they doing in there?
      Joey: Well, they're um... They're doing their taxes.
      Michelle: Are they gonna do their taxes every night?
      Joey: For the first couple of months.
      Michelle: I don't like this 1 bit.

    • Joey: Jess, Michelle has a big problem.
      Jesse: Yes, Michelle. What's your problem?
      Michelle: You tell 'em, Joey! I'm too mad!
      Joey: Well, Michelle thinks you don't have time to spend with her anymore.
      Michelle: I'm madder than that.
      Joey: Sorry. (to Jesse, furiously) Have you no decency?! All this sweet little girl wants to do is spend some time with her aunt and her uncle, who she loves. Is that too much to ask? I think not!
      Michelle: Much better.

    • Michelle: Play ball!
      Joey: All right, folks! We're finally ready for the moment of truth. 1 more strike, and the Giants win. But if Brett gets a hit, the Cubs could win. What a nail-biter! (to the man at the snack stand) Hey, nachos over here. Just bring whatever's left.
      (the man gets the nachos ready)

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