Full House

Season 8 Episode 9

Stephanie's Wild Ride

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 1994 on ABC

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  • Great episode

    I think that this episode was great because it taught us a good life lesson: never go on car rides that are dangerous. Good thing Stephanie never went on that car ride.
  • Don't ever go riding with people who drive like idiots because it's dangerous and you could get killed.

    Stephanie and Gia got a ride home from two sixteen year olds named Barry and Jason who like to going joy riding. D.J. is the only one that knows that Stephanie went on a dangerous car ride and Stephanie wants to go with Gia and the boys again. D.J. tells her that it's not a good idea or she'll tell Danny. Stephanie becomes upset and she runs to her room. Danny tells her that he was on the phone with Gia's mom and Gia was in a car accident and she would be in the hospital. The two boys are alive, but one them has a broken leg and severe cuts. Today's lesson is you shouldn't go with people who drive crazy because it's dangerous. D.J. did the right thing by telling Stephanie not to go riding with people who drive like idiots.
  • superb

    Stephanie and Gia get two high school guys to give them a ride home from the mall, and the ride turns into a 'daredevil' esque thing, with the guys driving and behaving recklessly. Will Stephanie and Gia be OK?

    Good episode. The main plot had some humor and a good message, the video game sub plot was kind of boring, over how everyone got so addicted to the game. But I liked the message of the main plot, about the dangers of hitchhiking, it was handled well, and so overall my final grade for the episode will fall in the "A-" range. Not the best ever but it was really good
  • A really good episode with a message.

    Stephanie's Wild Ride is about Stephanie and Gia, her friend, meet two older boys at the mall. The boys ask Stephanie and Gia if they want a ride home, and they say yes. But it turns out that the boy that drives is a very crazy driver. He drove on the wrong side of the road, almost crashing into a large truck. Later on at night, Stephanie asks if she can go out with them and Danny says yes, but DJ says no because it's too dangerous. It turns out that DJ made Stephanie not go, so Stephanie is mad at DJ. But, she finds out that the 2 boys, and Gia, were in a car accident. Steph now thanks DJ.
  • Informative! Sorry, I'd say more, but I'll just put all that in my review.

    The guys driving the car were complete dorks. Driving on the left side of the road, when it's a two way road? What idiots! Especially when that eighteen wheeler was coming and they were this . . . wait, I can't show you how close it was because I'm talking over the Internet, but they were pretty close to have a two-car wreck, and a trailor. They were really closed to getting their goose cooked. It served Gia right to get back in that car with those crazy drivers and having a wreck! And those guys - they're so crazy, I don't know how to explain how crazy they are! Ugh! Well, on the other hand, this episode was informative, and, well, that's it. Bye!
  • An great lesson always listened to your sibling.Even though they can be annoying sometime.

    While at the mall Gina and Stephaine noticed two guys who are seniors.Who were well cute of course.They pretended and told them that they were from high school as well.So they offered them an thrill ride in their car.Which they begin to have fun of course.When Stephaine told her of the fun that she had with two high school students.D.J starts to tell her that its better not to do that.Meanwhile the others are playing in Michelle's video game or something.Stephaine is also planning to go for another free ride.But D.J told Stephaine she can't go.Stephaine refuse to listened and was about to leave when D.J start to call Dad.This got Stephaine upset for missing her chance.But actucally its an good thing that she did miss her chance.Since her best friend was in an car accident.

    This was an last appearance I think of Gina.But its an good lesson.
  • A lesson in responsibility.

    This is an episode that really teaches responsibilty all around. It also brings out the motherly side of DJ when she refuses to let Stephanie go on the car ride and when that doesn't work she just brings out the next weapon: she'll tell Danny. It really shows that in one view point, on the spur of the moment, you would choose one thing and when you look back on it, you may wish you had chosen the other view point. Sometimes it's best to not let you're emotions get the best of you because you need a level head when making some decisions.
  • Shows how wild TV Stephanie is compared to the Book Stephanie - even more so than the difference in Michelle's, it seems

    D.J. is a great mother figure when she has to be, but this is a fine example of how she's reacted a lot instead of being proactive. She lectures a bit, is willing to let it go, then when steph's ready to leave again threatens to tell Danny. (With Michelle, half the time it would have been threatening to put her in timeout herself.) The video game part was very funny and an excellent B story
  • Have car will travel.

    I really thought this was a great episode. It showed how careless some kids can be. And how they think nothing bad will ever happen to them. DJ took a responsible role in stopping Steph from going with Gia. She could have said go have fun but she knew she had to stop Steph from going. As it turns out Steph feels so guilty after she finds out what happened to Gia she realises that DJ was right all along.
    great episode.