Full House

Season 8 Episode 9

Stephanie's Wild Ride

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 1994 on ABC



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    • Stephanie: Deej, forget it. There's no way you can make me stay.
      DJ: I'll tell Dad.
      Stephanie: Okay, there's one way. I can't believe you would squeal on me!
      DJ: I can't believe you would put me in this position!
      Stephanie: What about all those times you snuck out and I never said a word?
      DJ: That's different! This is dangerous!

    • Stephanie: I feel so guilty about lying to Dad. Maybe I should tell him.
      DJ: He's gonna be pretty mad.
      Stephanie: I know......which is why I think I'll go with telling him your hitchhiking story first!

    • Stephanie: We told these guys that we were 16, and they believed us. Don't blow it. Please?
      DJ: Hey, go ahead. Have fun.
      Kimmy: Wait a minute. What's in it for me?
      Stephanie: Okay, um......I promise I won't make any cracks at you for a week.
      Kimmy: Deal! (they shake hands)
      Stephanie: Oh, and by the way, Big Bird called. He wants his legs back.
      Kimmy: Hey!
      Stephanie: Sorry, just had to get one more out of my system.

    • Gia: They're giving us a lift home.
      Stephanie: Uh, Gia, I don't think I'm supposed to get in a car with people I don't know.
      Gia: Steph, we know their names, their schools......we've been talking to them for at least three minutes! What more do you need to know?

    • Kimmy: Hey, you're the losers who drilled the peek hole in the girls locker-room.
      Jason: You're the reason we plugged it up.
      Kimmy: That hole works both ways, zit butt.

    • Stephanie: You hitchhiked? What are you, nuts? That's so dangerous!
      DJ: Well, I know that now! But back then, I was young and stupid, like you.

    • Stephanie: Jason happens to be a great driver--he's had his license for almost 3 months!
      DJ: And it never dawned on you that you could get hurt?
      Stephanie: Come on, haven't you ever been 16?
      DJ: I have--you haven't, remember?

    • Stephanie: Deej, you'll never guess what happened--Jason and Barry gave us a ride home in their car!
      DJ: You got in a car with Beavis and Butthead?

    • Michelle: At least I an tie my shoes.
      Nicky : So what? We have velcro. (holds foot up)

  • Notes

    • Ironically, Marla Sokoloff (Gia) also appeared on a Season 2 episode of the long-running WB drama 7th Heaven, where her character was also injured in a car accident.

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