Full House

Season 8 Episode 14

Super Bowl Fun Day

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 1995 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • (Jesse and the kids come downstairs to watch the Super Bowl.)
      Teddy: Where's the TV? And all those guys with no lives?

    • Norma: Miss Tanner, is it possible there's a Super Bowl party going on in there?
      D.J.: Uh, no...
      Weeb and his friends: (behind door) TOUCHDOWN!!!
      (D.J. overhears them cheering)
      D.J.: Yes. But it's not my party. I don't like football at all. I'd much rather study. Football's so barbaric, and stupid, and pointless.
      Norma: What a shame, because I love football.
      D.J.: (truthfully) As do I. You didn't let me finish.
      Norma: If my car hadn't broken down, I'd be watching the game right now. Let's cut to the chase, Miss Tanner. Your grades are excellent. Your essay was superlative. You got the scholarship!
      (she gets out of her seat in excitement)
      D.J.: Mrs. Bedrosian, thank you!
      Norma: I'm sure you'll make us all very proud, dear. (points to the living room, excited) Now to the game!
      D.J.: Right!
      (along the way to the living room, Norma grabs a bag of nacho cheese chips)
      Norma: Nacho cheese! Ya gotta love it!

    • Michelle: Hey, since you guys can't watch the game, maybe you'd like to come to the science museum with us.
      Sy: That's a real good idea, sweetheart. Now we can stuff 'n mount these clowns!

    • Joey: I know you're a little disappointed about not goin' to the science museum today.
      Michelle: A little disappointed? I was a little disappointed when I stopped making out with my grip. Right now, I'm a lot disappointed.

    • Jesse: Look at these innocent faces.
      (Covers Aaron's face)
      Jesse: Well, most of them.

    • Weeb: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!! My biggest day of the year, and you guys wreck the TV's! I'm ruined!
      (he cries in agony)
      (Jesse puts his arms around him)
      Jesse: Weeb, Weeby, Weebula. Please, please, it's okay, Weeby. It's just a silly game.
      Weeb: (a bit angry) Silly game? I broke 11 bones playing that silly game.
      Jesse: Was it painful?
      Weeb: I don't know. They weren't mine.

    • Norma: Any room in here for another football fan?!
      Men: NORMA!
      Norma: What are you guys doing here? Why aren't you at Weeb's?
      Weeb: All because of Beavis (Jesse) and Butthead (Joey) here.
      Jesse: Hey! Don't blame Beavis. This is all Butthead's fault.
      (Joey just laughs like Butthead)

  • Notes

    • There is no actual hugging or kissing in this episode whatsoever. This is one of few episodes to have done that.

    • Kathy Kinney is best known as Mimi on The Drew Carey Show.

    • First (and only) appearances of Norma Bedrosian, Weeb, Sy, and their pals from Weeb's Sports Grill.

    • This is the fourth appearance of Greg Collins, who plays Sy, in the series. He was previously the tough guy on the subway in "Subterranean Graduation Blues," a patron in the airport lounge in "Play It Again Jess," and one of the jailed men in "Fraternity Reunion."

  • Allusions

    • Jesse: Come on, beauty school dropouts, follow me!
      Jesse is referring to the song "Beauty School Dropout" from the musical Grease.

    • The title "Super Bowl Fun Day" alludes to Super Bowl Sunday in which the Super Bowl takes place.