Full House

Season 5 Episode 3

Take My Sister, Please

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1991 on ABC

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  • big dissapointment that made me personally cry inside :-(

    i honestly thought this episode was so freakin' terrible; what's with all the positive reviews? i am the first to say this episode was bad so here's a few notes/major concerns. Why is everyone so happy with . moving out? I know she needs privacy but Stephanie being my favorite character i thought it was depressing and emotional that she had to leave. Michelle is yet again a spoiled brat. She leaves just 'cause Stephanie calls her a baby? I don't know if swears are acceptable here so i'll say Michelle needs to grow-up. Terrible episode; i know it's my opinion but what's with all the positive reviews? Heartbreaking episode the creators could've improve on. [sarchastically]: Good job full house. Later.
  • D.J. gets so fed up with Stephanie that she decides that she wants her own room. She takes her problem to Danny who agrees. But the room switching causes problems between the sisters. Watch the episode to see what happens!

    This is an awsome Full House episode. It is the reason I watch this series. What can I say, I'm addicted! I love this episode. D.J. gets so fed up with Stephanie when she ruined D.J.'s chances with Ricky, that she decides to ask Danny for her own room. Danny agrees and decides that Michelle would move in with Stephanie and D.J. would get her very own room. But Stephanie's feelings get hurt when she finds out that D.J. doesn't wants to live with her and neither does Michelle. This leads to fighting and argueing among the girls and unless the problem is resolved, Danny will rethink this room changing thing. To see what happens watch this Full House episode. It's an amazing episode and definatly one of my favorites.
  • The point where D.J wants her own room..........

    After Stephaine interupted D.J and her friend privacy.D.J couldn't take it anymore.She decided that it was time for her own room.So she begin to take her own complaint to her father,trying to prove her point that she and Stephaine are in different worlds now.Also that she thinks that Michelle and Stephaine,would make perfect roommates together.When she finally get her wish.In thought,Stephaine thought that nobody wanted to share an room with her.So she decided that to move in the bathroom.

    Yes in the end Michelle becomes Stephaine roommate.There was only one funny scene in the end with Michelle arguing "I'm the boss"
  • DJ makes a plea to the guys for her to get her own room. But the decision is almost overturned when Michelle decides she doesn't want to live with Stephanie either so Steph moves into the bathroom. After, Jesse tries to survive Beckys pregnancy hormones.

    This was a really great episode. To start it off, D.J is absolutely fed up with Stephanie. Therefore, D.J. petitions the guys to let her have her own bedroom -- something she hasn't had in 4 years. She mentions all the good points about her being in high school and Stephanie and Michelle are perfect for each other because they both are in elementary school. The little presentation she put together was called Two different worlds. The guys talk it over, and they decide to let D.J.. have her own bedroom. D.J.. feels relieved, after four years of sharing a bedroom with Stephanie. The new arrangement is that D.J.. and Michelle will switch rooms, and as a result, Michelle will be Stephanie's new roommate, while D.J.. takes over Michelle's old bedroom. Problem is, Michelle doesn't want to be Stephanie's roommate either, making Stephanie believe that no one wants to live with her. For D.J.., this puts the prospect of having her own room in jeopardy, until she helps Stephanie accept the change, and they help Michelle accept the fact that she'll be Stephanie's new roommate. Meanwhile, When Becky's Lamaze instructor, Lisa Green, holds a Lamaze class in the living room with Jesse and Becky and some of their friends who are soon to become parents, Joey and Danny compete for Lisa's affections. Lisa chooses Joey in the end because they have alot in common because Joey can do all these funny cartoon voices. This was a really great episode and I hope to see it again.
  • Breath In 2, 3, 4 Out 2, 3, 4

    Breath In 2, 3, 4 Out 2, 3, 4 When Jesse and Becky have lamase class at their homes Joey and Danny make fools out of themselves to try to impress the teacher. The whole scene seemed silly. Missing a sports game they had tickets for just to try to hit on her.
    Why do the adults in the house let the kids run the house. DJ deserved her own room and so what if Michelle and Steph didn't like it. Danny go grab yourself a backbone.
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