Full House

Season 2 Episode 2

Tanner vs. Gibbler

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's Kimmy's 12th birthday, and D.J. has planned a surprise birthday party for her. When Stephanie slips up and mentions the party to Kimmy, Kimmy decides to bring her new karate class friends Melissa and Nina, two older girls, to the party with her. Upon arriving, all the 2 girls want to do is invite a bunch of friends over to trash the house, so when D.J. kicks them out of the house for even thinking about trashing the house, Kimmy abandons the party and goes to the mall with them, thus starting a feud between the 2 neighbors. With help from Jesse and Joey, D.J. and Kimmy end their feud, as Kimmy realizes that D.J. refuses to let her forget who her real friends are. Meanwhile, Danny is resignated from his job as a sportscaster at the TV station, because the station has created a new local morning show entitled Wake Up, San Francisco, and they need two people to host the new show. Danny is named as one of the hosts while his co-host for the new show is Rebecca Donaldson, who had moved to San Francisco from her hometown of Valentine, Nebraska very long ago, after her 2-year success in A.M. Omaha.

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