Full House

Season 2 Episode 2

Tanner vs. Gibbler

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 1988 on ABC

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  • superb

    DJ plans a surprise party for Kimmy's birthday, but Kimmy shows up with two girls who are mean. They convince her to leave the party and to go to the mall with them, which she does. Meanwhile Danny gets a new co-host, Rebecca Donaldson, whom Jesse instantly likes.

    Good episode. We meet Rebecca, who later goes on to become Jesse's wife, which is an important part of the series of course. The plot with Kimmy and DJ fighting was good, because obviously friends do have fights and generally do in fact, make up sometime. This was a good episode and it gets a B as a grade from me
  • kimmy hates her surprise birthday party

    dj has planned a surprise birthday party for kimmy with some friends of theirs from school, but when kimmy arrives with two "really cool" girls from some other school, she ends up thinking the party is geeky. kimmy and her "cool" friends leave when dj wont allow kimmy's new friends to call boys and hang up on her house phone. kimmy ends up calling dj a geekburger with cheese (what the heck lol) and everything works out in the end. (of course)
  • this is the episode where becky is introduced as dannys co-host,very very funny episode.

    another great episode of full house.this episode is one of my favourites it covers alot of headlines.the main headline being fighting with friends.which is also a common thing.a it has a good message at the end about friendship and how silly things can get in the way of it sometimes but you should always realize that and don't get carried away still keep the friendship going.it also has a very funny teaser with michellle saying 'no' alll the time.that was cute you gotta admit it.
  • Nice job of showing 6th grd battles

    6th grade is when girls especially start to crave popularity,a nd that becomes a focus for 2 big fights, one here and one in seasn 4, between D.J. and Kimmy. As weird as Kimmy is, they do have an excellent friendship, and it shows here. They've been friends since Kindergardten and best friends since they were 9 or so, since she moved next door, and while they have their ups and downs, often b/c of Kimmy's uniqueness, they are very close.
  • Danny is on to much cafine

    Danny in this episode as many others is a spaz. He over reacts to everything. He should try decafe. It was however a nice segway into introducing Becky to the show for future planning for Jesse and Becky. Becky comes into this episode like a country bumpkin and in later episodes grows into a beatiful swan. This seem like a fun episode with Becky arriving on scene.