Full House

Season 3 Episode 1

Tanner's Island

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 1989 on ABC

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  • perfect

    The Tanner family goes to Hawaii to celebrate the two year anniversary of Joey and Jesse moving in. However their paradise vacation may not be as great as they hope when they get stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. Will they be rescued?

    Good episode. It kind of feels incomplete, but it has a lot of funny parts throughout, that I do not care. It had funny parts and a good premiere to season 3. If it was a 2-parter, or just an hour-event, it might be even better. But it is fine like this, and so my final grade for this episode is an A+ of course
  • The Tanners get stuck on an island, Joey falls for a hula girl, clipboard of fun.

    I loved the whole seris but this episode is my favorite!! I can't believe the beach Boys showed up!! These types of plot twists made the show consistantly fresh and exciting. Full House is a great show thats good family fun that everyone from age 1 to 100 can enjoy. Danny is my favorite (followed closely by that lovable scamp Kimmy Gibbler)Oh Danny, when is your kitchen ever gonna be clean enough. My life has been empty since the show went off the air. I look forward to the day when I can share them with my children. They just don't make em like that anymore.
  • Greetings from Hawaii!

    What a great way to start off a season of Full House! As a little treat, Danny Tanner buys tickets for everyone. He even buys one for Becky! As they get to Hawaii, and they are giving out leis to the tourists, Joey spots a Hawaiian girl that he completely falls in love with and he doesn't even know who she is and what her name is but, it was love at first sight for him. Danny makes schedules for what they should do when they are in Hawaii and so everyone gets to pick one place that they would like to go while they are there. Jesse obviously picks the place where Elvis filmed his movies because he is an obsessor of Elvis. They also go and swim with the dolphins, row on a special hawaiian boat, and also sail a boat to an island where there will be a special show of tradional Hawaiian dancing. As they are sailing, everyone realizes that Danny has been sailing to a piece of a chip all morning and that they are lost. They stop at an island, and as they figure that they are on a deserted island, they see there boat drifting off into the water. Danny tries swimming after it, but Jesse stops him and tells him that he would never catch it. Thinking that they are alone on the island they set up shelter and have a nice picnic, but then Stephanie hears something and goes running off and the whole Tanner family gets caught but what they thought were a Hawaiian tribe. As they take them away, they see in front of them that they reached the island they were sailing to and that the "Hawaiian tribe" that caught them were just people that were working there to scare the tourists. In the end, Jesse ends up singing an Elvis song on stage and the whole Tanner family is dancing on stage too. This episode was one of my favorite and always will be. :)
  • A great way to start a new season!

    This episode, of course, it takes Gilligan's Island's name, it was still nothing alike. They actually get rescued. The group doesn't contain as many idiots. And, it was actually good. Tanner's Island could of gotten a better score if it was this episode vs. Gilligan's Island. But anyway, it should of been a two or three parter, like the family trips on The Brady Bunch always are. I just want to know something, what happened to them? Did they go home? When did they go home? How did they go home? Wait, that is four things. Oh, well. But on the other hand, instead of being 'stranded' on the island, we move on to Jesse and Becky. Yes, Jesse - who kept on talking about Elvis in Hawaii, and Becky - the one who wanted Jesse to shut up every time he talked about Elvis. Yeah, that was so cool when they jumped of that cliff into that river right by the romantic waterfall. Aah, this was such a perfect way to start the brand new season off.
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    I really like this episode. It is funny how they get everyone to go to Hawaii. The girls are out of school and oh, boy, they can show reruns of Wake Up, San Francisco so Becky can join them, too. But, who cares? We want all of them to be in Hawaii. Stephanie looks cute with her hair in pigtail braids.

    It is funny how Jesse is so obsessed with Elvis. He wants to visit every spot where Elvis filmed two of his movies -- Blue Hawaii and Paradise, Hawaiian Style. It wouldn't be Jesse if he wasn't constantly thinking of Elvis. Of course, any normal human being would get annoyed by it and Becky does. I like their interactions in this episode. It's funny and very true to character.

    Danny is controlling. He has his OCDs and I guess having to stick to a schedule is one of them. If he wasn't this way, it would be harder for them to have the adventure of going to the wrong side of the island and all. It makes the episode. We wouldn't take Danny without it.
  • i liked this episode.well i like all of them but yeah this is one of my faves not top but yeah anyway......

    tanner island been a while since i saw it so let me remember ok i remember ummm this episode is cool because they go to hawaii and i thought it was a good um season opener like how they go on vacation some thinks it's bad but i liked it,it made me want to watch the rest of the dvd lol.umm michelle is really cute at the end when she was dancing ummmmmm but my favourite part was when becky and jesse were fighting and then after when oh it might have been before the fight but whatever when jesse was talking about elvis and like obsessing over him and michelle is like'he nuts!'that was sooooooo cute i loved that.ummm yeah cool episode won't give too much away!bye.
  • Quite possibly my favorite episode.

    In this episode, the Tanners and Becky go to Hawaii for the anniversary of when Joey and Uncle Jesse came to live with Danny and the girls. What I liked about this episode is how, when they arrived at the hotel on the island, Danny became his usual, neurotic, bossy self and planned everyone's activities out to the second. Another thing that can go along those lines would be how much more so Jesse became an Elvis fanatic, always pointing out every scene in every Hawaiian movie Elvis made, or Joey with how he became obsessed with trying to find that Hula dancer he though was really pretty. However, what I found to be most entertaining about the episode was when the Tanners were stranded on the "Potato Chip Crumb" Island and how they acted towards one another and the whole situation of being on what they thought was a deserted island. Everyone ultimately realized what it meant to be a family, thanks to the help of DJ's speech. The entertainment of the island went on as the Tanners found out they were actually on Pua and ultimately got to sing an Elvis song with the Hawaiian band. In all, these are just a few of the reasons why I enjoyed this episode of "Full House", and there were a few that followed that I found as entertaining as it.
  • Aloha Hawaii here come the Tanners

    I liked this episode though Danny being Danny very neurotic, tried to make everybody do what he had planned for them on his clipboard of fun. The cliff dive that Becky and Jesse did looked like so much fun. And Joey seeing the one woman all the time. The best part of the episode was the ending when Jesse got to sing with the hawaiian band. The episode was a fu episode to watch
  • Danny's really a control freak at times.

    This had to be something that came with his grieving, as he did get better over time, but this is one of those times when he just shows too much of his desire to control everything; probably because otherwise he'd be afraid something could happen like it did to Pam. This one has it's moments but really isn't anything to write home about - even if it's on a postcard from Hawaii :-)
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