Full House

Season 4 Episode 10

Terror in Tanner Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1990 on ABC

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  • green hair?

    I thought this episode was just plain silly. The practical jokes were way over played. Cindy knew her son and knew what he was capible of yet she left him anyway. And Danny being the wimp he is didn't tell Cindy all the hijinx Rusty pulled. No matter what a kid is feeling about their parents situation is they have no right to distroy others property.
  • The Tanner family meets Danny\'s new girlfriend...and her son! Prepare for some hilarious tricks played by Rusty.

    This episode was hilarious. Danny\'s new girlfriend has an emergency at work and must leave Rusty alone at Danny\'s house. What follows next is several tricks played by Rusty. But, as Danny finds out, Rusty isn\'t actually a bad kid. He lives in the hope that his parents will get back together, as most young children do. This episode happens to be one of my favorites. It is funny, although maybe not so original. I love the jokes and tricks Rusty plays on the loveable, yet sometimes gullible, Tannerinos! Even today, Rusty still remains a very huge favorite of mine!
  • There is a monster in the Tanner household - and I am not talking about Kimmy.

    Finally, a 'real' troublemaker in the house! An evil boy, named Rusty. I loved all of his tricks, jokes and pranks he pulled on everybody. Put the tablecloth in Danny's pants. Made a hole in the milk. Locked Jesse, Becky, Stephanie, and DJ in their own rooms. Threw the football to Danny where he had to get in the mud to catch it, in where he slipped and got real dirty. Made Danny's hair green. Gave Stephanie and DJ bubble gum to where their teeth turned blue or black. Messed up Joey's comedy video. Gave Michelle a ring of black paint around her eye . . . They were all classic! But finally Rusty got caught . . . by the ultimate prank . . .
  • This is a great episode! all the jokes are funny. Some jokes are tucking table cloth in someones pants, putting hair color in someones shampoo, and unscrewing a salt shaker. they made me laugh out loud!

    Other Jokes are giving someone black gum, giving someong a teloscope with black ink around the eye part, traping someone in there bedroom, throwing a ball towards a mudd puddle trying to make some one catch the ball and putting holes in the milk carton! It is all very funny! one of my favorite episodes!
  • Almost too many practical jokes

    It's an adventure keeping up with Rusty. He throws more prctical jokes at the Tanners than you can imagine. It's almost too many - I mean, this kid was searched before they got there, and he was just so overly wild, it really seemed too over the board.
    We learn that Danny's mom must have remarried once, so his stepdad probably died a while before "Granny Tanner."
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