Full House

Season 1 Episode 11

The Big Three-O

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 1987 on ABC

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  • Danny sure gets a surprise when he finds out what happened to Bullet...

    This was a very surprising for me. In this episode, Danny turns the big 3 0 and he doesn't really want to admit it or say it. Danny doesn't want a suprise party but Jesse and Joey put one together anyway because they know he wants one but doesn't want to admit it again. For there present to Danny, Jesse was going to get Bullet fitted for sheepskin seat covers. When Jesse gets back from getting the present, Jesse tells Joey that he ruined the car because somebody hit it and it some how went into the San Francisco Bay. The party is going on and Danny walks in "surprised" to find out that Joey and Jesse threw a surprise party for him. DJ, Stephanie, Joey, and Jesse act all natural and calm like nothing happened. When Danny is opening the gifts, Stephanie accidently brings the sheepskin seat cover present and he opens the gift. He rushes right out to Bullet and finds him crushed and water damaged. The next day, Joey and Jesse find an exact replica of the car and try bidding for it against another guy who happened to be Danny. In the end, they buy the car and Danny is once again happy and names it "Walter." This was a great episode and I can't wait to see it again.
  • Danny's surprise birthday party features a big surprise: his beloved car at the bottom of San Francisco Bay.

    Danny finally turns thirty like every parent on Earth does and freaks out about being kinda, 'old'. Well, not really admitting he is old but can never say 'thirty' until the very end of the episode. And just imagine, on one of the most important birthdays of a parent's, Jesse drives Danny's beloved car, Bullet, out into the San Francisco Bay. I'd just be glad Bullet survived and was rescued before it got sunk way to the bottom of the sea. I think this episode was very, very, very, very hilarious, though I kinda felt bad for Danny in the show. But the end was very funny when they kinda had a little auction over the phone and what really made me laugh out of my guts was when they raised the price up to like twenty two thousand dollars (Which was a lot of money in the 80's) and since Danny didn't buy it, he was thinking about getting a stationwagon!
  • I'm 30!

    Oh my god I'm 30! It's Danny's 30th birthday and the family's 1st present is a limo for a day. Danny tells Jesse and Joey not to throw him a party but, you guessed it they did.When Jesse takes Bullet to get Danny's present Jesse and Bullet take a swim. Danny arrives and has a great time everybody gives him his presents. Jesse starts acting weird but, then Stephanie gives Danny Jesse and Joey's present (seat covers for Bullet) and Danny goes out and is going to try them on but, he sees how good of a swimmer Bullet is. In the end Jesse and Joey buy him a new car. This is a great episode.
  • "I'm. . I'm. . THIRTY!"

    This episode really shows how caring the family really is towards one another. I loved when Jesse and Joey revealed to Danny that he was going to be driven around in a limo for the day. However, the best part came when both Jesse and Joey were trying to bid on a new car, but did not realize that they were bidding against Danny. My favorite line was when Joey added to Jesse's bid and Jesse said "that doesn't count, he bid against me." I loved Danny's face when he saw that they got him a new car, but said that he would never name his car. ("I'll be right back. . Walter.")
  • ''dj i'm old enough to hold a plate of asapises,attepises,cheesesticks!'

    i loved that line that stephanie said at the party.all up this episode was great the way it was written,i especially liked the part when danny was bidding over the phone for the same new car that joey and jesse were bidding over at the car sellers,at the same time!it made it even funnier that joey and jesse were acually going to give it to danny if they won!great joke.fun episode!
  • Mr. Car is dead.

    Thre are some funny moments here as Danny reaches a milestone and comes of age, so to speak. He has lost a wife int he last year and now much faace going on without his car. He has trouble, but gets over it, with the help of a comical battle over the phone between himself and Jesse and Joey at a car dealership over who would buy the new car. Lots of nice little touches - the tow truck driver saying "good luck, pal," the mounted bait from an earlier episode,a nd so on make this a very good and enjoyable episode.
  • Do you know what a car would look like if it sank in the bay?

    Do you know what a car would look like if it sank in the bay? As Jesse well knew what a car would look like since Bullett did sink in the bay. One of the funniest scenes from this episode is when Caroline gave Danny his birthday present and told him he beter like it cause she couldn't take it back. She had mounted his bait from their fishing excursion in an earlier episode where the guys went fishing and Danny didn't catch any fish.
    The confusion to me is Danny is always shown in the credits driving Bullet but in later episodes it shows him driving another car all the time.
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