Full House

Season 1 Episode 11

The Big Three-O

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 1987 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Danny tells the guys to get the kids so they can go for a ride in the new car, notice that everyone is wearing different clothes in the car scenes. This is because the shots from the opening credits, which were filmed much earlier, are used.

    • Danny's unlucky fishing experience from Season 1's Sea Cruise is brought up again in this episode, when Caroline mounts his bait and gives it to him as a birthday present.

    • Goofs: During the party a lady is putting Michelle back in her crib, Michelle switches from being in the crib to in the lady's arms between shots.

    • In this episode, the garage is the garage, but in the previous episode, the garage was Joey's new room, because this episode was supposed to come before it, and was pre-empted for some reason.

  • Quotes

    • DJ: Now, Steph, remember to do it just like I taught you.
      Stephanie: DJ, I know how to carry a tray of appezizers.....addepizers...... cheesesticks! (to one of the guests) Excuse me, do you care about cheese?
      Caroline: Thank you, Stephanie!
      DJ: Steph, it's "Do you care for cheese?"
      Stephanie: She took one, didn't she?

    • Jesse: So, what are you gonna name your new car? Bullet Jr?
      Danny: Oh, come on, guys, a grown man doesn't name his car! Come on, go get the girls, we'll go for a ride. (Joey and Jesse go upstairs, Danny peeks at his car outside) I'll be right back, Walter.

    • (Jesse returns after having Bullet towed home after a dive in the bay)
      Joey: Jesse what's wong? I've never seen you this shade of green before.

  • Notes

    • The final amount that Jesse and Joey pay for the car is $11,500, although they bid $22,000 before that.

    • This is the only episode to celebrate a birthday for Danny.

    • The song used at the end of the episode, with the family driving Walter (the new Bullitt), is a cover version of the song Drive My Car by The Beatles.

  • Allusions

    • Danny: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Life Goes On...bra! This was a famous song recorded by the Beatles in the mid 1960's called Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da.