Full House

Season 5 Episode 19

The Devil Made Me Do It

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1992 on ABC

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  • Michelle runs away! Amazing Season 5 episode!!

    The Devil Made Me Do It was an awesome Full House episode! It is one of the best episodes of Season 5! It is about Michelle starts to learn that she cannot break the rules without some sort of consequence. This is hard for Michelle so she runs away to Teddy's house. Later on, Danny and Jesse pick her up. Meanwhile, DJ tries to help settle an argument between Kimmy and Stephanie and then Stephanie and Kimmy say stuff about DJ and they get frozen yogurt. I thought this episode has a fine example. Tia and Tamera Mowry were in this episode, also.
  • Always listened to your good side.

    Jessie was show off his things to Teddy and Michelle.But Michelle wanted to play with them.Altough Jessie said that his stuff isn\'t to be played with.Michelle was tempted to play with them.That was when her concious \"The Good Michelle\" and \"Bad Michelle\" appears one tells her not to do it while the other said do it.Since nobody is there to catch her do it.So she did it and got grounded calling Jessie Uncle Tattletail.Meanwhile Stephaine and Kimmy begin to fight with each other.D.J tries to deal with the arguement to stopped their fighting.Michelle decides to run away and make them sorry.Instead they made her feel sorry.

    In conclusion this is an good episode.An good example to always do what is right not wrong.
  • LOVE IT! Great season 5 episode.

    In this episode, Michelle learnes about her conches and learnes that she has to make choices for herself. Michelle wants to play eith Jesses equitment after jesse said no. She does it any way and gets in trouble. She decides to runaway from home and goes over teddys house, then danny and jesse come over and take her home, then jesse has a talk with michelle... and thats bassicly it. Throughout this episode, michelle has those devil and angel people who tell her whats good or bad! It IT Great!!
  • It shows a good lesson, as do all episodes. A better episode of the season.

    I really liked this episode. It is one time where we see Mary-Kate and Ashley in the same scene. It has good jokes that still teaches Michelle a good life lesson. But Uncle Tattletale could use some minor adjustments. It could be a better name, but its Michelle and she makes anything funnny and worth watching this episode.
  • Uncle tatel tale

    I thought this was a fine example of how being creative with kids can prove more beneficial then just grounding them or yelling. When Jesse came up with the idea to agree about Michelle and her move to Teddy's house that he and Danny planned was a great idea. Kids have to learn to listen when they are told not to do something.
    DJ's idea to get Kimmy and Steph to be friends is also a great one except it backfired. But in the end it all worked out.
  • Problem is, no 5YO would be in her room all day for mere disobedience in her room & grounded when she came down yet, but the Taanners always use "grounded" to meaan "can't go anywhere." So there's several possibilities & we don't know which happened...

    The writers needed to fill a little gap b/c of what Danny said & Jesse's words. Was it:

    1. Danny misspeaking, meaning she was sent to her room for 5-10 minutes of timeout, then no TV & grounded when she came down (b/c she'd been wilder lately & it was something expensive - note the Gumby she could have nuked soon before mentioned in "Smash Club: The Next Generation"). This lets her be i her room sulking b/c she couldn't go w/her sisters for frozen yogurt;

    2. The episode took place 20 or so minutes before dinner - by "rest of the day" he meaant till dinner but she only had 20 min. of timeout, a bit longer b/c she'd acted up more; the other girls had come back from somewhere else, and could have been grabbing a burger and frozen yorgurt, or could have even eaten eaarly - this makes most sense since she could then have to eaat in her room for supper at punishment for running away;

    3. Michelle had been acting up a lot lately, Danny took Comet for a walk but planned to let her out if remorseful when he came back 20-30 min. later; or,

    4. Danny ws at the end of his rope, & sent her to her room all day b/c she'd been way too defiant and rebellious lately, and shouldn't even have been playing with Teddy b/c she was grounded (but made Jesse think she wasn't).

    The problem with #3 and #4 is there's never anythign said about how wild she'd been before, & no indication in the last few episodes, though if she got away scot free w/sneaking out a couple months before it would make sense. #4 is so bad it would lead to D.J. - who'd be a lot tougher than Danny - getting involved, in fact!

    So, maybe #2 is the answer. After all, the girls' argument didn't last hours, Steph and Kimmy wouldn't have been in that room for thaat long - D.J. would have gotten them to talk within minutes. Which means it eitehr happened all before or all after Michelle came downgot sent to her room for timeout, then ran away. They just had to space the B story the way they did so there wasn't one B story and one A story, each lumped into separate halves.