Full House

Season 5 Episode 19

The Devil Made Me Do It

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1992 on ABC



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    • Jesse: (to Michelle and Teddy) Now, I want you two to listen to me. This is not a toy store, all right? This is very expensive equipment that I'm still not done paying for, so under no conditions are you to touch anything in this studio.
      Michelle: My feet are touching the floor.
      Teddy: She's got you there!

    • Michelle: (wanders into Jesse's empty studio) Hello, anybody home? (walks up to Jesse's equipment) This looks like big fun.
      Good Michelle: (appears out of nowhere) Ah, ah, ah. Michelle Elizabeth Tanner, I am shocked!
      Michelle: So am I. Who are you?
      Good Michelle: I'm the Good Michelle. I tell you the right thing to do.
      Bad Michelle: (appears out of nowhere) Don't listen to that wimp!
      Michelle: Uh-oh! You must be the Bad Michelle.
      Bad Michelle: Duh!
      Good Michelle: Don't listen to her.
      Bad Michelle: Stick a sock in it, goody pants.
      Michelle: You've got a bad attitude.
      Bad Michelle: Thanks. Now, go on, break the stupid rules.
      Michelle: But I'll get in trouble.
      Bad Michelle: Not if you don't get caught.
      Good Michelle: Good girls always follow the rules.
      Michelle: What to do? What to do?
      Bad Michelle: What are you? A chicken?! (clucks like a chicken)
      Good Michelle: Be good. Be good. Be good.
      Bad Michelle: (chants) Party! Party! Party...!
      Michelle: Enough! It's party time!
      (she fiddles with Jesse's equipment)
      Bad Michelle: All right! You're bad to the bone!
      Good Michelle: Where did I go wrong?

    • Rebecca: (after everyone finds out that Michelle ran away to Teddy's) What are you gonna do?
      Danny: First, I'm gonna hug her, then I'm gonna kiss her, and then I'm gonna ground her for life.

    • Michelle: Pick a card, any card.
      Teddy: Aw, man, I got the Old Maid again!
      Michelle: Don't ever play this for money.

    • Good Michelle: (after Michelle tells off the Bad Michelle) Michelle, I'm so proud of you.
      Michelle: Thank you.
      Good Michelle: And remember, always do the right thing.
      Michelle: Oh, I will.
      (the Good Michelle disappears)
      Michelle: She can get on my nerves.

    • Bad Michelle: I got another great idea.
      Michelle: I don't wanna hear it.
      Bad Michelle: Let's sneak out and watch Yo! MTV Raps.
      Michelle: I want you out of here.
      (the Bad Michelle blows a raspberry and disappears)
      Michelle: I like the way she dresses.

    • Michelle: Uncle Jesse, were you really going to leave me at Teddy's?
      Jesse: What do you think? (Opens the suitcase and the suitcase is empty.)

    • Michelle: My room! My bed! My pig! I love this place.

    • Danny: (about Michelle running away) Michelle, don't you ever do this again. You had us worried sick!
      Michelle: You're telling me. I was gonna sleep with the dog!

    • Michelle: Wait! You forgot something.
      Danny: What?
      Jesse: What did we forget?
      Michelle: Me.

    • Michelle: Teddy, where am I gonna sleep tonight?
      Teddy: We're out of beds. You can sleep in the kitchen with Sparky.

    • Teddy's Dad: Does your family know you're here?
      Michelle: No. When you run away, you don't tell.
      Teddy's Mom: Why did you run away, sweetheart?
      Michelle: (referring to Jesse) To teach Uncle Tattletale a lesson!
      Teddy's Sister: She's really cute. Can we keep her?
      Michelle: I'm a fun girl!
      Teddy's Dad: Well, until we get this whole thing straightened out, you're welcome to stay here.
      Michelle: Thanks, new dad!

    • Jesse: I'm gonna sit right here and finish my work... Starting tomorrow. Who wants ice cream?!

    • Michelle: (to Jesse) Thanks a lot, Uncle Tattletale.
      Jesse: I am not a tattletale. (turns to Danny) Danny, she just called me a--. All right. So I'm a tattletale. But it's not my fault, because you were messin' 'round with my stuff.
      Michelle: I thought I was your little munchkin, but I was wrong.

  • Notes

    • This is the second (and last) episode Darlene Vogel appears in as Danny's sister Wendy Tanner.

    • Tia and/or Tamara Mowry make their first and only appearance on Full House in this episode, where they act alongside their real-life brother Tahj Mowry (Teddy).

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