Full House

Season 4 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 1991 on ABC

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  • Nothing better to make an episode on

    I thought this was a totally filler epsiode. Danny asking out a girl who was close to the age of his oldest daughter and sneaking into the concert and dressing like he did. Please!!!! I could hardly watch the episode. And the whole graduation thing? Why wouldn't Steph have had a graduation if Michelle did and they went to the same school? This was not a great episode.
  • A special meal out w/dad would have been easier

    Danny handles his wife's death by makign everything extra special, it seems. This is no exception. When Stephanie is sad that she didn't get a graduation thaat year, they make one for her, instead of just doing something little and not going way overboard. Generally, most parents will just spend some time doing something little, and that will be enough for a kid. They dont' need everything exactly the same. This kind of treatment may explain why Michelle is sulky in 'The Play's The Thing."