Full House

Season 3 Episode 10

The Greatest Birthday on Earth

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's Michelle's 3rd birthday, and the guys have decided to throw a "circus" birthday party for Michelle, complete with clowns and other things seen in circuses. Before the party, Danny complains about a problem with his car, and Jesse agrees take Michelle and Stephanie out to a gas station with him to have it fixed. After the car is fixed, Jesse and the girls decide to visit the restroom before they leave, and during this time, Elmer, the mechanic, locks the station up without knowing that anybody is still inside. Michelle's friends arrive at the house, and Danny, Joey, and D.J. try to keep them busy, in hopes that Jesse and the other girls will be home soon. At the gas station, Jesse and Stephanie throw a makeshift circus party for Michelle, then Elmer returns later, and he's surprised that he locked the 3 in his station. He unlocks the station to let them out. By this time, Michelle's friends have left, but Michelle is still satisfied with the party Jesse and Stephanie gave her at the gas station.
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