Full House

Season 3 Episode 10

The Greatest Birthday on Earth

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 1989 on ABC

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  • Please wait until the customers leave before you lock up the place that you work at even if you work at a gas station!

    It's Michelle's 3rd birthday and the family plans a circus party for Michelle and her friends. There is something wrong with Danny's car so Jesse decides to take it to get it worked on and he takes Michelle and Stephanie along. The three use the restroom before they leave gas station and they are locked in, thanks to Elmer that works there. Michelle is upset about missing her birthday party because of Elmer. So Jesse and Stephanie put on a circus party for her in the gas station. The family has the party without Michelle as a result. When the three people get home, D.J asks how they got locked in the gas station. Danny tells Michelle that she knows that he knows that she was looking forward to a party with all of her friends, but the family could still have fun. Michelle got to ride on elephant.
  • Michelle got locked in the GAS STATION on her birthday, which absolutely isn't the greatest birthday on Earth...until Jesse gives Michelle a circus party in the gas station.

    Michelle got extremely thrilled when she found out that she'll get circus party for her 3rd birthday, so she had a hard time waiting for the party to start. Jesse and Stephanie took Michelle to the gas station to repair Danny's car to pass the time, but when they went to the washroom before leaving, the mechanic thought that they already left, so he locked the door, so Michelle couldn't get to her party. Meanwhile, since Michelle wasn't home, Danny and Joey had to throw a party for the neighbors' kids. Also, since Michelle wouldn't be able to attend to the circus party at home, Jesse and Stephanie created a circus party for Michelle in the gas station.

    This episode is interesting, and also pretty unexpected, because it's hard to believe that they would got locked in a gas station.
  • The most greatest birthday ever is being locked up in the gas station.

    It is Michelle birthday,and her birthday was suppose to be the greatest birthday ever.Jessie tooked Michelle and Stephaine to the gas station,to get Danny's car fixed.But after it was fixed and the 3 went to the restroom the owner closed the shop.So Stephaine,Michelle and Jessie were all locked in the gas station.Meanwhile Joey,D.J and Danny has to throw the cirus for the birthday guests without the birthday star.So when Michelle,is upset of missing her birthday party.Stephaine and Jessie decided to have their own circus to cheer up Michelle.

    Yeah locked up in the gas station.I would've been board out of my mind.
  • I'm goin to se' esta

    I really like this episode. It showed great character for Jesse. When Jesse and Michelle and Steph got stranded in a auto garage on Michelle's birthday and had to be creative in giving a party in a garage instead of being home at a big circus party that was planned for her. Jesse who hates clowns dressed up like one just so Michelle would have a good birthday.
  • Jesse's become like a mom Another ep. out of place b/c of the earthquake, was to air a couple weeks earlier most likely, which is when it would take place, mid-November. It doesn't take place on the air date.

    Despite his messing up by worrying so much about getting gas, he really comes tot he rescue by inventing a way to have a birthday party right there in the station. It's awesome to see how he's grown ove rthe years. BTW, it's also fun to see them show the kids acting like kids; again, this is one of few episodes that actually does that.
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