Full House

Season 6 Episode 16

The Heartbreak Kid

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1993 on ABC

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  • When Michelle thought that Steve ment real love,and asked to marry her.

    This episode was upsetting at the end.This episode was about when Steve gave michelle a heart cookie with a M for Michelle on it.Michelle thought it meant true love and asked Steve to marry her.Meanwhile,Jesse was working on his book repot for school on a computer.Stephanie helps him use it.Also,Danny finds a picture of a girl he dated in Joey's closet.Joey said that she dated him.Michelle asked Danny,Becky,and Jesse about love,marrying,and honeymoons.Denise helped Michelle get ready.Everyone kept thinking that Michelle was just playing wedding.Meanwhile,Nicky and Alex made the report that Jesse was working on disappear.After that,Danny called the girl that dated him and Joey,and found out that she was making someone else jealous.They also found out that it was Jesse Katsopolis.At the wedding,Michelle came downstairs with a white dress,and a table cloth on the back.Everyone found out that she wasn't playing,and Michelle was upset.That's what I didn't like.
  • Simple love at first sight

    While D.J, and Steve were making Valentine hearts.He gives one to Michelle.Michelle start to think that she's in love with Steve.So when she start asking Steve to marry her.So he and D.J pretend with Michelle to asked her hand in married.This made Michelle believed that she was actucally getting married! Even though the truth was that they really weren't.When it was time for the wedding.Everyone thought this was an pretend wedding.But to Michelle it was real.However she learn that she would get married someday when she's older.

    I don't get the connection here.I mean we seen D.J getting married altough pretend married.Even though it was Greek Tradition.Stephaine pretendingto get married cause nobody notice her and Michelle cause she thought that Steve liked her.
  • computer for dummies

    This was a very boring and dull episode. Jesse clearly knew nothing about computers. Why does his pride always get in the way for help. Steph knew a lot more about computers then Jesse did but until he lost everything he refused help from Steph.
    Often parents forget kids have real feelings even siblings forget for the younger ones. What Michelle felt was real to her. That seemed to be the least of what was going on in the Tanner household.