Full House

Season 6 Episode 23

The House Meets the Mouse (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 11, 1993 on ABC

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  • Princess Spoiled Brat

    Michelle really got on everybody nerves starting with this two parter and Danny allows it to happen. The little brat really gave Stephanie a hard time. She had to take everything away from her. Then she had to cut poor Stephanie's place in line and becomes the Princess then really gets out of control. Michelle wanted to ride the carousel all of the time and finally Stephanie, DJ and Kimmy had enough. And whats Michelle reaction is to run away. Unfortunately they find her in part two.
  • Princess Michelle gets everything she wants! Well Princess Michelle just caused Full House to jump shark!

    The House Meets the Mouse might just be one of the worst, if not the worst, Full House episodes ever! Michelle is so bratty and spoiled in this episode she ruined the very fun and magical storyline. The other characters got good screen time and good plots but Michelle just ruined the whole thing! Every other character must stop and listen to her and do whatever she does! Well Michelle got something she didn't want, a show that just jumped shark. Ever sense this horrible two parter, the series collided down hill. Horrible episode, just horrible!
  • One of my Favorites!

    The House Meets the Mouse (1) was amazing!! The whole gang goes to Disney World! I love Disney World!! This episode and along with The House Meets the Mouse (2) is a two-part episode. That means it is one hour. It is the best two-part episode! They go to Disney because Jesse will be playing there. At the Magic Kingdom, Michelle becomes princess of the day. That means she can grant three wishes. Her first wish is to go on any ride, and not having to wait on line. When Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie are arguing about Michelle, Michelle runs away. Will DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy find Michelle before the parade?? You'll find out in the 2nd part of the episode.
  • The effects of Michelle breaking the dinosaur come home to roost

    Say this for the writers - they knew Michelle would be affected by getting awaay with wreckign that dinosaur as far as Danny's concerned, even though D.J. gave lots of extra chores and stuff liek that to keep things from getting worse. However, she was being bossy before a little, and once she's princess she's really wild. Meanwhile, some great scenes w/Jesse and Joey & a shark.
  • The Tanners head to Disney World!

    When i first saw this episode i was so excited! One of my favorite shows is heading to my favorite place! When watching it was like "i stood in the same place as them" It was so cool seeing that and seeing how different Disney World is compared to now. My family is going to Disney in March and we are watching this and part two the night before we leave to get us in the spirit and i'm sure it will! I don't think any other show has done this. Michelle kind of got me angry when seeing her in this episode. If i was Stephanie and she cut in front of me in line and won the Princess of the day thing i would of been so angry because that is unfair. Everyone thinks Michelle should get what ever she wants because she is little. Poor Stephanie i felt bad for her. And when the episode ended with Michelle running away. I was kind of nervous. I loved the way it ended with Stephanie, Kimmy, and D.J. running around looking for her. Awesome job Full House!
  • the tanners go to disney... each for a differnt reason... jesse because he's performing live w/ the rippers, beckey to celebrate her annaversary w/ jesse... joey to do a radio show... and the tanners to vacation (kimmy as well). Its a 2 part episode...

    this episode is exhilerating... its funny how in 'terror in twin town' beckys cousin is keeps making fun of the fact that they're 'poor' or whatver... they stay at the grand floridian... theyre loaded!!! i mean who knows... maybe danny paid for everything...

    also... how the hell does steve get up the cash to stay there too? rooms can run around 200 to 300 a night there... wooh wooh wee wah!

    Seeing them there in the park brings back so many memories of being in disney for me... i love it there. Michelle sucks... why dont the girls ditch her in the beginning? And the dumbo ride??? That damn dumbo ride can have liek a 2 hour wait! (i know cause ive had to go on it before)... does the princess for the day get the front of the line pass? Well whatever... shes stilla ho
  • Princess Michelle

    In the first part of this episode (part 1) Danny attempts many time to propose to Vicky but is unsuccessful due to many interuptions. Michele cuts in line to rub the Jeannie lamp in front of Steph who then makes the Jeannie appear. Michelle becomes princess for the day. Becomming very demanding and bossy Kimmy, DJ and Steph start to talk about that but Michelle overhears and runs away.