Full House

Season 6 Episode 24

The House Meets the Mouse (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 18, 1993 on ABC

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  • Beginning Of The End

    The House Meets the Mouse episodes proved that Full House overstayed its welcome. First off of course there would be a Disney episode since its on ABC. The writers had no choice in making the focus on Michelle cause of the over marketing of the Olsen Twins. They made Michelle into an incredible spoiled brat and Stephanie became the resentful middle sister. Disney also had the writers focus on Steve because the actor was the voice of Aladdin.
  • One of my Favorites!

    The House Meets the Mouse (2) is the 2nd part of the two-parted The House Meets the Mouse. The first episode ended when Michelle runs away. Michelle then grants a wish that she can have a tea party with all of the characters. Then, she misses her family so she takes that wish back and then she wishes for her family to join her at the tea party. Later on, they come. Danny talks to Michelle about her running away. Meanwhile, Danny tries to ask Vicky to marry her. He is keep getting interrupted by something. Then, while Jesse is playing, he asks her to marry him. Vicky says yes. I loved this episode so much! It was so great!
  • One of my favorites.

    Critically speaking, Full House has always been overlooked for its simplistic, overly-sentimental storylines. Yet it comes as no surprise that ten years after going off the air the Tanners have become one of the most heavily syndicated families of all time. Lets face it, we all love a little sentimental fun every once in awhile, and nobody dished it out better than the House.

    In this particular episode the Tanners take their hijinks to Disney World and manage to get themselves wrapped up in all sorts of trouble. The heart of the plot revolves around Danny's futile attempt to propose to Vicky, and when he finally manages to pop the question, the magical atmosphere of Disney makes it all the more touching. Other storylines include D.J. experiencing teen separation anxiety to the point where she sees Steve's face on Indiana Jones; Jesse trying to balance time between his band and his anniversary celebration with Becky; and Michelle becoming Princess for a day. For fans of the two happiest shows on earth, "House Meets the Mouse" will leave you wishing for more.
  • Tanners Disney trip part 2!

    I love the whole episode! This half i like better because it shows many of the rides at Disney World that i love! I loved when they were riding Splash Mountain! Also, the parade scene as well! It was cool seeing the old parade at the Magic Kingdom. I wish they still had the Prince/Princess of the day thing because that would be awesome to win that. I would love to win that. Anyways, it was nice seeing the family in the parade and the finale was great with Jesse performing on the stage and the fireworks and Danny's proposal. It was amazing. I felt bad for Stephanie missing out on all the fun. I would love to stay at the Grand Floridian it looks so nice. And i loved how all the Disney characters were incorporated into the plot. Snow White was in like this whole second half. I love Full House and I love Disney World! You must see these episodes! Best two in the series!
  • Ehh

    I thought it was okay. I just don't like how bratty Michelle was. She acts like a complete brat. Then they try to cover it up when she lets Stephanie be the princess. Thry try to make her look like a little angel, which she most certainly is not. Other than that, I liked it.

    Steve comes to Florida to see DJ, so they are happy.

    Danny engages to Vicky, she says yes, so everyone is happy then.

    Jesse and Becky get everything straightened up.

    All in all, I thought it was a good episode. I just wish they would show it more often.
  • When I saw this episode for the first time when it aired I enjoyed it and thought it was one of my favorites. Even today when I watch this episode it not only bring back memories I still think it is one of my favorite episodes.

    When I saw this episode for the first time when it aired I enjoyed it and thought it was one of my favorites. Even today when I watch this episode it not only bring back memories I still think it is one of my favorite episodes. Ifind it smart with DJ and steves story line when DJ thinks she sees Steve everywhere and in one instance he was Aladdin because he was the voice of Aladdin.
  • Happily ever after

    Without much need of a talk by Danny aabout her bossiness (he doesn't really correct tht, only promises a long talk about wandering), Michelle finally realizes what her selfishness has caused. Likelyshe'd had a bunch of little thigns that D.J. would correct on, even if Danny was too busy - and this would continue till D.J. is boss of her for 3 weeks at camp. After this, Michelle never has any huge stretches of wildness again like before.

    Also, DSanny & Vicki finally get engaged, and Jess & Becky get things straightened out.
  • Mickey Mouse part 2

    I liked the second half of the 2 part episode the best. Michelle is found and realises how selfish she has been. She wants to have her family there when she has lunch with the Disney bunch. She even agrees to share her crown with Stephanie. Danny finally found a way to ask Vicky to marry him without interuptions by sky writing Vicky will you marry me? She says yes and all are happy.