Full House

Season 4 Episode 3

The I.Q. Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 1990 on ABC

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  • Double J returns!

    Jesse and Joey take offense to their boss allowing a client to push them around, so they quit on DJ\'s career day. The family pushes them to go into business on their own, but they are ineligible for a loan. Danny steps in and hands them a check, inserting himslef as a \"silent\" partner. Meanwhile, Stephanie has a cold, Michelle disgustingly tries to help her, and gets Steph\'s cold.

    It was a great show, giving the boys a serious problem which they quickly turn on its ear. Double J was actually how they started out, to some extent (Michelle the secratary anyone) and it\'s nice to see them back there, even though we know it won\'t last.
  • This episode is special to me because I was being born while this episode was being aired.

    This episode is special to me because I was being born while this episode was being aired. I mean I was being born. But anyway, I haven\'t seen this episode in a while so, I forgot it, but as soon as I see it again on Nick @ Nite or ABCfamily I\'ll edit this review. I was reading the QUOTES on here and it brought some of it back to memory. So, therefore, I hope to see it again soon so I can edit this review to proper context. But, until then, \"How rude\" of you to get mad if you did.
  • Love me for my IQ

    I thought this episode was great. It was fun to watch and full of laughter. When Jesse and Joey were practicing the commercial you could see Jesse laughing as he was doing his lines. Trying to keep a straight face. Their concept for the IQ man was a great idea until the client got out of control. Joey was wrong in not standing behind Jesse when he refused to do the commercial practically in the buff. Yeah for Jesse for quiting.
  • Taking a stand is important

    Many times, we are forced to stake a stand for our principles. That's somethign Jesse's fairly good at, but not always - Joey less so. To complicate matters is that Jesse is being ogled by the woman he's to do the ad with, and he would have loved that a few years ago. But, this is the new Jesse, he's made a committment and he's sticking to Becky. He is even willing to quit his job to make a point, which he does; he deserves a lot of credit here.