Full House

Season 7 Episode 17

The Last Dance

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 1994 on ABC

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  • Sad yet beautiful

    This was a bittersweet episode. I loved the part when Jesse tells Michelle that it's okay to share your feelings. Also loved the dance Jesse and Michelle did at the end. One of the best.
  • Last Dance, and yest first dance.

    Although it was a wonderful episode all around, what I truly liked was that, although he had been reluctant to join the dance earlier, Jesse went on to help Michelle show her class the Greek dance, knowing that that's what Papouli would've wanted him to do.
  • Sad yet beautiful.

    I love Papouli & how he gives advice to D.J. with his zany Greek stories & has a flour fight with Jesse, Stephanie, and Michelle. It's beautiful and highly entertaining....LATER -- It takes a huge twist -- Papouli dies :( This episode had me bawling my eyes out. It was tragic, but I loved how it shows another side of Full House that we haven't seen before....Best episode EVER!!! :D
  • Finding someone dead is hard, finding a loved though is even harder. But the Tanner family just gets closer together even as they struggle through death yet again.


    Most fans know the Full house story. A widowed dad brings in his wife's little brother Jesse and his best friend Joey to help raise his three daughters.

    This episode is the first though to really show death and when you actually experience it you can tell the actors really had it down. I mean their are a lot of tears but for some it just numbness.

    I always loved full house for its silliness and how it can always make me laugh. But I also love that its a non violent family show. A real family sticks together and no matter what someone does they never ever abandon them.

    Jesse and Michelle have the hardest time really expressing their emotions in here and I think it just shows everyone it is okay to just cry. Cry and let go of everything. Sometimes you have to let your feelings go and then you can move on. Then you can let it all go.

  • I Don't Care What People Say, This was Sad

    When Papouli comes, everyone loves him, especially Michelle. He promises to do a dance for her class, but he unexpectedly dies, and everyone is heartbroken.

    A lot of people say this show has no emotion, no sad episodes, well I strongly disagree, and I will use this as a prime example. The last half of this is probably the saddest the show has ever been, hands down. They dealt with a topic such as death in a believable manner, and it certainly paid off, I think. Overall grade for this episode is an easy A+, one of my favorites for sure
  • I'll be honest. The first time I saw this episode, I did cry.

    The Last Dance was one of the saddest episodes of Full House I've ever seen. The first time I watched this episode, I literally was in my seat with tears streaming from eyes. (Gimme a break, OK? I was only 10 years old!) The part that made me cry the most was I think when Jesse and Michelle were in the boat together and then just broke down. I thought the acting in this episode was awesome! The cast did a really good job in this one. Actually, right before I saw this episode, I had just experienced a similar tragedy in my family. So this episode reminded me of that in a way. But don't think that this episode was full of nothing but sadness, because while it was a very devastating episode, there were some very funny parts in this one. I liked the scene were they were getting into the dough fight; that made me laugh. I also laughed when Jesse tricked Michelle with the pudding cup when she was in the boat. Another thing I liked was that Kimmy showed a soft side to her and showed that she really does care. So to sum up this review, I thought this was the saddest episode of Full House, but it's also one of the best! Grade: A.
  • When Jesse's grandfather from Greece dies, each member deals with it in their own way. Jesse tries to close his emotions off, Stephanie and Michelle try to be strong for their uncle, DJ makes up with Kimmy after an argument, and Danny buys a boat.

    This episode always makes me cry. Buckets. It's so sad because Papouli is a man full of life and laughter, but good, because he didn't die after a long illness, but peacefully in his sleep. It makes me sad to see Jesse trying to contain his feelings. I like that Kimmy and DJ make up, and I like that Danny buys the dream boat that he and Joey have wanted to buy since their were kids. Michelle and Jesse always have thier talks, and this episode lets them have a few moments, allowing Jesse to advise Michelle that she did not have to hide her tears from him. At the end, they share Papouli's dance with Michelle's class, and I like that this allows Papouli to live on in a small part.
  • Jesse's grandfather dies and Jesse is dealing with it in his own way by working hard

    This episode is totally awesome. It really shows the amazing acting ability of all the characters, especially Jesse and Michelle. The first time I seen this episode, my knees were literally knocking. This episode should be watched by parents and children together to explain death.A young child should not watch this episode alone. I recommend that after the episode that parents sit down with their children and make sure that they understand the facts about death. I am really able to relate to this episode because I have lost both of my parents about two years ago. It was very hard on me and I am still trying to get over it.
  • Uncle Jesse loses another person close to him!

    I think that this is the saddest episode of full house!Also one of the best!I think the cast did a excellant job with this episode!I saw this episode a long time ago,and I wanted to see it again so I watched it on you tube!I still remembered most of it but not all of it!I never knew that papouli was Jesse\\\'s father!I wish this show would come back to regular tv so I coulld watch it!Papouli comes to visit and then dies in his sleep making the tanner family very sad!
  • Very sad episode.

    Everytime I see this episode it brings tears to my eyes. Especially ever since I lost my own grandfather three years ago and I know exactly how Uncle Jesse feels. Hurt, angry that he died. Sad that he has died. And the feeling of guilt like maybe he could've done more to keep his grandfather around longer. The episode where we first find out he died is one of the saddest. I really love the episode where Michelle and Uncle Jesse are having a heart-to-heart in the boat and they end crying on each others shoulders. That was a very touching scene. It makes me cry every time I see those scenes. I really love the final scene where Uncle Jesse helps Michelle out in teaching her class the Greek dance Papouli taught her.
  • I was crying! It was so sad!

    The Last Dance was the saddest episode of Full House. Just because it's sad, doesn't mean I don't like it. It was actually one of my favorite episodes. I was crying. It was really sad when Papuli died. I was crying along with Michelle. When Jesse and Michelle were in the boat also made me cry too. Kimmy and DJ have a fight in this episode, but they apologize. So yeah, it was sad. Sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad. 100 words! LOL!!
  • Very sad. I can\'t watch this episode without crying.

    Jesse\'s grandfather ( DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Nicky and Alex\'s great grandfather) died in his sleep. In the kitchen where everyone is crying, Michelle comes home with a gift for Papouli. It was just a knife in the heart knowing Papouli is not there. When Michelle finds out, she throws the gift (which was a popsicle stick house) on the floor in anger and sadness. When Stephanie looks at Jesse, she notices that he is crying, but trying to hide it.
    Because Stephanie thiks she is doing the right thing, she tells Michelle not to be sad in front of Jesse because it will make him feel worse. Because Papouli was suppoused to teach Michelle\'s class a Greek Dance, Michelle hide\'s in a boat that Danny bought. The boat, named Papouli, was were Michelle was in untill a call came from the school. Jesse is
    told that Michelle didn\'t show up and then finds her in the boat. Jesse asks Michelle why she isnt in school. She struggles to talk but then finally admits that she is afraid she will cry, because Papouli was suppoused to be to school with Michelle. Michelle explains what Stephanie said to Jesse, but Jesse says that Steph was wrong. So Jesse teaches Michelle and her class the dance that Papouli was supposed to do.
  • Truely my favorite episode.

    The Last Dance was my true favorite Full House episode. This is the one where Papouli dies. Its my favorite episode because I can relate very well. My Grandpa just died about a month ago and Im having trouble dealing. I think this episode is great because it brings out Jesse's sensitivity as a character and it also shows how greatly the family can heal each others pain so greatly. I loved seeing how close Jesse and Papouli were. I also like when Michelle was giving the pep talk to uncle Jesse telling him about how it wasnt his fault about the death of papouli. I thought that was both cute and touching.
  • Papouli

    Jesse's grandfather, Papouli comes to visit from Greece. Just when he starts to get closer to everyone(especially Michelle)he dies in his sleep. Michelle and Jesse both have a really hard time dealing with it. Stephanie tells Michelle not to cry because it will make Uncle Jesse feel bad. Michelle trys her hardest to be brave but one day she skips school and her and Uncle Jesse talk about it. Jesse tells her that it's ok to cry and they end up crying together. When I first saw this episode, it was a little over a year after my grandfather died and I could really relate to the episode. It's by far the saddest one.
  • Papouli visits and dies from heart failure. Jesse finds it hard to show his feelings, and Michelle also has a hard time.

    This episode makes me cry everytime I see it. It's so sad. I know what's going to happen, but it's still sad. Even the first time I saw this episode, I could tell he was going to die, but it was still very sad. I've never even had anyone die in my life. But on a different note, what was with Stephanie's braids and outfit in this episode? She looked like a country girl.
  • The saddest episode of Full House I've ever seen (that's not neccesarily a bad thing).

    When I think of Full House, I think of good, clean fun. However, this episode really touched my heart, which is a big statement for a show like Full House. I related to this episode, because I had recently lost my grandfather before watching this episode.

    I feel for Uncle Jesse when he almost breaks down and cries in front of the family. I feel for Michelle who doesn't have a show and tell project now, that was supposed to be with Papouli (Jesse's father). This is an episode where you really connect with the characters.

    The ending is also great where we see Uncle Jesse performing the Great Dance with Michelle for her show and tell project (which she was supposed to be with Papouli).

    This is truly a great episode of Full House and will always be remembered as a classic.
  • Makes you cry

    We again see that the tough guy Jesse, who has matured over the years, still has some of that toughess, but that he's very vulnerable, too. His former tough guy nature is likely why Steph feels they need to hide their tears for him. It's also like how D.J. tried to be brave for Stephanie at that same age, and Steph may have learned how D.J. did that, too. Either way, we learn at the end how it's very important to let one's feelings show at times like this, and not to hold it in. They've finally learned how to deal with death again, after Pam's years ago.
  • One of the best

    This episode of Full House was one of the best in the series. It was so sad when Papoli died. It shows how a family has to deal with the death of a loved one. It also shows how a family's support in a time of need is so important. It show us that no matter how hard you try to deal with death you always need somebody to let go to. When Michelle tried to hold her tears for Jesse's sake it was heartbreaking yet so loving. In the end when Michelle tried to do her dance for her class and couldn't remember it all and Jesse came in and did it with her was tear jerking. A great episode with lots of lessons to learn.
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