Full House

Season 6 Episode 2

The Long Goodbye

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1992 on ABC

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  • Cute

    I thought this episode was adorable. I couldn't help but shed a tear for Michelle when she found out Teddy was moving away. It was even more adorable when they offered each other their favorite toy. It was so cute when they hugged each other goodbye. I thought the scenerio with the Baby Love Buttons doll was funny. I would have probably reacted the same way Jesse first reacted when he saw his kids playing with the doll. I didn't like the whole Danny and Vicky scenerio merely because I felt like they left it hanging in the end. Overall a cute episode.
  • Good job of showing how children deal with separation.

    Michelle's best friend for a year, she and Teddy are already very close, and her funny way of trying to keep him there is great. Teddy's reaction is priceless. Danny shows somethign that recurs once in a while, he's just so obsessed with something - Vicki int his case - that he totally ignores Michelle not coming down for school; Michelle knows the men won't enforce anything by now. But, tht's why D.J. still needs to react.
  • Michelle best friend Teddy is moving away

    It all started when Danny was watching the news since Vicky is now living in Chicogo due to the fact that she accepted doing the news down there.Michelle see's that Teddy is acting an bit strangely which she doesn't know why.That is when she learn that Teddy is moving away.Which saddens Michelle.Danny is excited that Vicky is coming to see him for 3 days.But yet he is unsure about this long distance relationship.When Teddy comes over to say his good bye to Michelle.Michelle tied him up so he wouldn't move.Joey explains to the two that even though that Teddy is moving away.They could still be friends and that even though Teddy is away Michelle can make new friends and still have old friend.The two gave each other gifts to remembered them by.

    This was the saddest episode yet.
  • Teddy is moving!

    As Vicky heads to Chicago on business, Danny struggles to cope with the loneliness of a long distance relationship, resorting himself to watching her broadcasts on television. Upon beginning first grade, young Michelle faces a dilemma of her own when Teddy announces that his family is moving to Texas. Determined to stop these developments from taking her best friend away from her, Michelle decides to resolve the issue by tying him to her bedroom chair. Tough love, baby!