Full House

Season 1 Episode 9

The Miracle of Thanksgiving

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 1987 on ABC

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  • The Tanner's first Thanksgiving without Pam....

    This episode was really great. It all starts off with Danny, Jesse, and Joey wondering what they are going to do without Pam around. Danny was about to make the decision about just going out to Thanksgiving dinner because they had no idea how to prepare it. DJ and Stephanie step up and DJ suggest that she can be in charge of the turkey because her grandma, Claire, who couldn't make it in because of bad weather, was going to put her in charge of it anyway. Stephanie then says that she can make her mother's Picture Perfect Pumpkin Pie and that DJ would help her with the ingredients and baking. Danny, Jesse, and Joey agree to it and they all start singing along while everything cooked and they all helped to set the table. When they all sit down to the dinner, Danny tells the girls what a wonderful job they have done and all of a sudden, Jesse and Joey signal to Danny that the turkey is frozen. Danny pops it back into the oven and all of a sudden, the doorbell rings. They go and answer it and there are two young girls there with a nice hot turkey. Danny, Jesse, and Joey start trying to buy the turkey from them, but end up leaving them because something is burning in the kitchen. They all run to the kitchen to find DJ's turkey burned from the inside out. Stephanie then steps up and says that they can still eat the pumpkin pie, but all of a sudden, Stephanie drops the pie to the ground and Stephanie goes running upstairs. DJ then goes running upstairs too because she says she ruined the turkey. The boys go up to talk to them and to tell them that it wasn't there fault. In the end, this episode turned out really great and it made me want to tear up a times. Without there mom there, they think they can't do anything, but they now know that they are a stronger family than ever.
  • The First Thanksgiving without Pam

    Its Thanksgiving even though it was going to be without Pam.The girls are unsure to celebrated.When they do.D.J is the one who begin to plan the thanksgiving an perfect thanksgiving.Altough that was when it begin to fails.When the turkey is burn and the pumpkin pie is ruined.So D.J thought that thanksgiving was ruined.Danny tries to find other way to have an perfect family thanksgiving.Even by asking two girls if they could have the meal they were taking for their uncle.

    So in conclusion it was an perfect thanksgiving even though it was without their mom.
  • It is the girls first Thanksgiving without their mother and the family decides to stay at home and cook Thanksgving dinner.

    This episode was well written. It had funny dialog but at the same time was touching. After all, it was the girls first Thanksgiving without their mother. When the three men were about to go out to eat, DJ motivated them to cook dinner at home. Then, when the turkey was ruined, the men did not want to disapoint the girls and they were willing to pay lots of money for someone elses Thanksgiving dinner. Then, at the end the girls learned that Thanksgiving isn\'t about turkeys and picture perfect pumpkin pies, it is about being thankful for what you have.
  • Touching episode.

    this is the tanners first thanksgiving without pam. danny decides that they should go out for dinner at a restaurant. until dj puts a stop to it. she said that her mother always made a homecooked meal for the family, so they should have it at home. dj said she would do the turkey because her grandmother said she would be in charge of that anyways. and she would do the pie because pam taught her how to make it. but stephanie would help her. when they were ready to eat, jesse and joey tell danny that the turkey is frozen! so danny tells dj he wants it a little bit crispy so he shoves it back into the oven. then, dj found the turkey all black! stephanie offers the pie to eat, then she accidentally drops it!
  • great full house episode!

    this episode was great i thought because it showed that thanksgiving isn't about materialistic things,it's about family,it has a really strong message.it shows kids what's really important in life.funniest i think when joey get's that bottle stuck on his tongue and the turkey starts catching on fire and his trying to explain the situation to jesse and danny but arn't getting through,definetly worth watching if you havn't seen it before.
  • Hey...I'm writing this review to warn you...this is not the best episode, but it is okay.

    This episode was not the best one, there were funnier ones. Not much exciting happens except that they burn DJ's turkey, so they pay a ton of money to get another one. If you have to pick one show to watch, do not watch this one...just warning you ! ! !
  • A loving episode!

    This is the Tanner's first Thanksgiving without Pam there right along with them. A homecooked Thanksgiving dinner doesn't seem possible this year, until DJ helps put it together. But in the process, the turkey is undercooked, then way overcooked and the only thing that turns out decent is the pie ... which Stephanie accidently drops onto the floor. And all of Jesse's feeling's about the death of Pam finally come into the open.
    This episode shows what a loving family is all about. When one is sad, you try to make them feel better. It's all about working together to make things happen that didn't seem possible to begin with.
  • my this episode be remembered

    THis is one of the first (close to first) episodes. Its really really really really sad to see dannies wife is not there. But in the end, i mean in the final minutes of the episode was so warming as they watched clips about pam their mother that they remember dearly.
  • First holidays are always roughest - they did a super job with the whole family in this one!

    After the first few episodes, you wouldn't think anything could make Jesse sad. To see him looking at that album of him and his big sister, almost crying, and asking Danny, "When is it gonna stop hurtin'?" That just brought tears to my eyes. This big, macho guy talking about it - and Danny's right, sometimes it's still there, years later, even if you know there's a Lord up there (who he prays the blessing to) who is taking care of things. Even the Bible only promises we won't mourn like those who have no hope. It shows the morning perfectly but also shows D.J. and Stephanie trying so hard to fill in, too, and you really have to feel for them. This was a classic.
  • The Miracle of Thanksgiving

    This episode truly dealt for the first time what its like for Pam to be gone. The girls feel the loss because its the first real holiday since she died. DJ, wanting to try to keep the tradition of her mom going tries to make the dinner. Until they find out she didn't thaw it enough and it was still froozen. It was kind of silly when the ladies stopped at the Tanner door and Danny was offering them a lot of money to buy their turkey. He should have been honest with DJ though the love for his daughter was clearly his intent on the silly antics. Good episode.