Full House

Season 7 Episode 13

The Perfect Couple

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 1993 on ABC

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  • good tv

    good tv
  • A fine mix of humor and drama.

    Joey is appointed host of a new show called "The Perfect Couple." He gets Steve and DJ (dating couple,) Danny and Vicki (engaged couple,) and Jesse and Rebecca (married couple.) The show is very funny; Joey's hair and teeth are humorously fake, just like his name - "Joe Stone." DJ and Steve are having trouble with the questions; DJ establishes that the two barely know each other, until Steve remarks that their relationship is based off new things. They leave the show early. Danny, meanwhile, had to pair up with a strange woman named Estelle, since Vicki couldn't make it. The two seem to be reading each other's minds (much to Danny's dismay.) Lastly, Jesse and Becki are having problems. Jesse is upset that Becki thinks he is predictable. The dilemma proves to be funny in the end. Danny and Estelle win the show, while Danny and Vicki break up at the end of the episode.
  • They broke up on my birthday. :(

    I liked the relationship between Vicky and Danny. And then they break up on my birthday. I was born on December 14th, 1993 and that is the exact day this episode aired. This is a really sad episode and I couldn't believe it aired on my birthday. So anyway, this episode was really good because I loved the relationship game and all the relationships. I thought this episode was really good, sad, and funny. Another great episode for Full House. Now I have to keep typing to make it to one hundred words. Almost there. So close. And I am there.
  • Joey begins hosting a new game show called The Perfect Couple. All 3 couples of the show are in it. Vicki can't make it at the last minute so they throw someone else in, and they win. At the end, Danny and Vicki break up.

    First episode with DJ's shorter hair, but no attention is called to it. Steve and DJ find they barely know each other. I thought that might lead to their break-up; their relationship at times seemed like nothing but hugs and kisses and saying "I love you" without really knowing what it means. Interesting development there, and leading to their breakup later in the season. Jesse and Becky's interactions are entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time; a kind of realistic picture on marriage and how it works. Joey did good by quitting doing that show; good thing it never aired, I don't think. Good character development on his part. I was so sad to see Danny and Vicki break up. But I don't know how they could last this long, considering how they started. They seemed to be good for each other, though. And at the end when he is consoled by the girls, and he says "I really wanted her to be here, and you girls can have a mom again". And then DJ was the one who said they could manage fine on their own. Interesting, since it's hard to imagine Vicki taking on DJ's parent role with Michelle.
  • really strange...

    It was an okay episode I guess. The game show part was weird...Joey just seemed out of character playing the game show host and not like himself at all. I didn't like how he kept making everyone fight. It was still a cute episode overall though. It was funny how Estelle knew everything about Danny even though they had never met, and it was even more funny how Steve didn't know DJ as well as he thought. He thought she kissed like a, was it flounder? She thought he would say angel fish and he didn't think tropical fish were allowed! Haha! This episode was overall another good laugh from the Full House gang.