Full House

Season 1 Episode 4

The Return of Grandma

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 1987 on ABC

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  • Typical story plot, and typical Tanner family fun.

    This was a great episode of another Full House show. First off, Danny's mom Claire is coming to town to see how Danny, Jesse, and Joey are taking care of the house and Danny's three daughters DJ, Stephanie, and baby Michelle. Joey tells everyone that she would be arriving later but it turns out that Joey's time dislexia (haha) got the time wrong so she arrived 7 hours then there predicted target time. They had to buy groceries which took them two hours to do and then they were going to start cleaning but they decided to take a break and watch Yogi Bear. All of sudden, Claire walks in and finds the house a mess. Joey and Jesse kiss up to Claire and tell her that there going to see a movie and that she can clean the house instead. Later on when Joey and Jesse get back, Danny tells them that his mom refuses to clean the house and as he said this, Joey and Jesse's moms come in and start talking about how Jesse is the only person that irons her blouses and such. The moms give them a chance to clean the house, so they leave to go shopping for a few hours. They don't get much done because they were looking for Jesse's pet turtle that saved his life that day. When the moms come back, the house is still a mess and they want to come in and take over there lives. The boys ask for another chance and they accept to and take the girls to the San Francisco Zoo. A few hours later, the mom's and the girls come home to find the house very clean and they decide that they are repsonible enough to stay here alone with the girls. Of course, as a Tanner tradition, Danny, Joey, and Jesse hug there moms and Stephanie finds Bubba the turtle and he rides into the kitchen on a skateboard. This episode teaches repsonsiblity and I couldn't ask for a better episode.