Full House

Season 1 Episode 19

The Seven-Month Itch (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 1988 on ABC

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  • Sad episode that makes you wanna regret buyin' the dvd.

    hello this is my first edit; this episode really depressed me; the scenes especially the harmonica and ice cream ones weren't in any eps. This is shocking! I regret buying the DVD version but i have to agree w/ 318north that this episode much like fuller house makes you wanna throw your dvd and/or player out the window; after you see it is not funny @ all. Michelle kissing Jesse didn't even count; yes i may seem like a fan but i am not; side track; i am autistic so i do this often, you know the off-topic thing. Ugh its like watchin' a soap opera exactly all of it is boring in every way possible; steph is my favorite character but when she screamed help i was like come on just go out to tahoe and bring him back; the other eps. where michelle spoke were worse imo.
  • The beginning of a tired plot device

    This episode is one of many where uncle Jesse either threatens or actually moves out.
  • When Danny,Joey,and the girls go to DisneyLand,Jesse stays at home by himself,but invites a girl named Sammantha.Danny,Joey,and the girls come back before the weekend is up,because of fog.

    I think this episode was funny,yet a little sad.Danny,Joey,and the girls get ready to go to DisneyLand.Meanwhile,Jesse calls up Sammantha to come to his house.Danny,Joey,and the girls leave for DisneyLand.Later that day,Jesse comes back with Sammantha from the tennis cort.Jesse notices that Sammantha let him win.Jesse starts to cook dinner,while Sammantha takes a shower.Danny,Joey,and the girls come back home.The airport was foggy,and Stephanie gets upset.Danny sees Sammantha in the bathroom.Jesse than saw Joey,DJ,and Stephanie at the dinner table.Danny comes downstairs and tells Jesse that he saw Sammantha in the bathroom.Since Stephanie is upset,they try to cheer her up by singing "If your happy and you know it."Stephanie meets DJ in her room,and then Danny shows up.Danny talks to Stephanie about how she feels,and how fun the song was.Later that night,Jesse has a dream about the family and Sammantha.Jesse couldn't take it anymore,so he left without saying goodbye.The next morning,Danny and Joey found Jesse's note,and read it.
  • Jessie thinks that he haves the whole house to himself......but he was wrong.

    While Danny and Joey takes D.J,Stephine and Michelle to Disneyland.Well they were planning to of course.Jessie was already plan up for his special alone time with his girlfriend Sam.While she is in the shower.And he was preparing dinner stuff liked that.Danny and the others return due to the fog.Of course unexpected for Jessie.While Danny discovered Jessie's guest in the shower.Meanwhile Stephine,Joey and D.J were going to grab on Jessie's food.Even if it wasn't for them.Than finally Jessie cracks.After living with the others.In his dream he could see it was time to call it quits and move on.
  • fantastic charachter development for jesse's character towards being a mr mom.

    i think this is definetly a good to be continued episode because it's so different,you think what's gonna happen?jesse moved out?he seemed really stubborn about it too,how are they gonna get him to move back in he likes living on the edge too much,he's finally got that back,HOW are they gonna get him to move back in.well written.
  • Nice development

    Very good and realistic. Nice how they develop Jesse's character. I wonder why they didn't suggest redoing the attic for Jesse since he could live up there later, but after he came back he realized it was the bond w/Michelle tht brought him back, but they could have tried that before he left.
  • Fog is bad

    I liked this episode because many of the things that happened happens in real life. Kids do get disappointed when plans get canceled. Being in a house full of people does put a crimp in ones personal life. Parents do have disagreements. Life has its ups and downs. In this episode when Jesse ran away it shows how important it is to talk to others to work out whats bothering you before you have to run away. Stephanie was so sad but thats what you should expect from a kid who had her plans canceled. Great reality in this episode.