Full House

Season 5 Episode 22

The Trouble with Danny

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 1992 on ABC

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  • Everythign was too exaggerted

    Stephanie would not have been watched every meal of every day to see if she chewed 22 or whatever times. If Danny really made everyone clean liek that they'd have convinced him to go in for therapy years before. I don't see this episode being real, though it's possible he was told to tone things down a little. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is very real, and yes, maybe danny has it, but here, they go over the edge - and then go the other way.
  • The family is tired of Danny being obssesive with spring cleaning. What will they do to try to get him and Michelle to stop?

    Yes, it’s that time of year again! This day is the like Danny\'s Christmas. It\'s got your mops, brooms, and sponges. So what day is Danny\'s Christmas? Its spring cleaning! And this year he\'s worse than ever. He\'s got Michelle becoming and obsessive cleaner just like him, and gave Michelle her very first cleaning belt. So what will the family do to put this cleaning obsession to a stop? To stop this \"Psycho with a dust mop\" the family has a meeting, and Danny over hears what his family really thinks of him. He goes away for the day to think and comes back only to be a complete slob. The family apologizes, but wants Danny to find a balance between being a pig and an obsessive neat-freak, and help Michelle do the same.
  • Donkeys or us

    I thought this was a good episode because it finally came out that Danny was over board with the cleaning thing. He had to find out how everybody felt. Nobody was brave enough to talk to him. Very immature for Joey and Jesse. The whole thing with Danny and the donkey was kind of silly but it got its point across. Once he got home it was good that they were able to help Danny realise that he can find a happen medium.
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