Full House

Season 5 Episode 7

The Volunteer

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 1991 on ABC

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  • Very informative episode

    I loved this episode for several reasons. They did portray Alzhiemers well. This episode brought tears to my eyes for 2 reasons. My dad passes from this horrible decease 4 years ago and now my mom has it. This showed how the mind gets confused and reality gets distorted. DJ helping out in the nursing home is a very noble thing to do. Many patients are put into nursing and are forgotten about. When people volunteer in real life it makes a lonely person have a ray of hope.
  • Jesse and Rebecca have a bet. Rebecca bet that Jesse can't where a sympathy pad for more the 24 hours. D.J. voulenteers for an adopt a grandparent program and meets her adopted grandparent eddie. She takes Eddie to a dog show. What will happen?

    Very funny. One of the best and most hilarious episodes ever. The pregnant man ( Jesse ) has a bet with Rebecca, the highlight of the show is the bet. Hillarious!!! I loved it. It was a must see full house episode. Awsome!! I even have it on DVD. This episode also has Eddie in it. D.J.'s adopted grandparent from the adopt a grandparent program. D.J. takes Eddie out of the home without perrmission and they go to a dog show in the Tanner's backyard. Stephany organized it to see who the smartest dog on the block was. But when it was comet's turn to show off his trick, he took one look at coacoa (Kimmy's dog) and went "Bow-wow-wow"
  • D.J volunteers in the retirement home.He encounter an senior resident there.

    Kimmy and Stephaine begin to clash on who's dogs is better.Which ends into lead to have an dog show for the neighbor hood dogs.D.J meanwhile volunteer in an retirement home.She meets an senior resident name Eddie.These two became fast friends.D.J offer him to come to her house and see the dog show.He agree to go.Even though D.J didn't know that an family or relitive has to sign him out.So the contest begin and Teddy's dog Sparky wins.When Eddie started calling her "Gloria" Danny explains to D.J that its the sign that he is having Alzamers disease.Which cannot be cure and stuff.

    This was an pretty sad episode.Altough Stephaine gave Michelle an dog cookie while Coment the chocolate cookie.Which an mistake.
  • DJ pulls a senior out of a nursing home to help her judge a dog show in their backyard. Eddie, the senior, then keeps calling DJ "Gloria" (his daughter's name). At the end, she finds out that Eddie is showing signs of Alzheimer's disease.

    It was pretty sad that Eddie was caught by Alzheimer's. The episode shows that taking a senior out of a doctor's hand is a risk but it also tells you to be nice to people that age, especially when they call you a different name. Even though DJ was mad at the end of the episode, she still did the right thing.
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