Full House

Season 4 Episode 18

The Wedding (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 1991 on ABC

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  • great

    It's the day before the wedding of Jesse and Becky. Becky's father talks to Jesse the night before, telling him how everything in his life is going to change because of his new responsibilities of being a husband (and father, should they ever have kids). Jesse then takes Joey and Jesse decides to do one last thing; skydive. However, Jesse is late to the wedding and no one has any idea where he is. Where is he?

    Good episode. It seemed to only be done to be a 2-parter to make viewers wait yet another week to see them get married, but overall it was handled in a nice way. B- or so as a grade seems fair
  • Part 1 and 2 are a fine episode.

    Part 1 of The Wedding!
    I really enjoyed this episode and this part of the episode.When I was watching the past seasons episodes I was wondering when is Becky and Jesse going to get married because in the episode Greek Week Becky and Jesse were saying they were going to get married again and it got me thinking about the wedding episode.So that`s when I was thinking if there was a episode where Becky and Jesse get married.I think this was a great episode because I loved seeing the look on my two favorite Full House characters.The wedding episode was a great episode and one of my favorite episodes.
  • Jessie meets his soon to be father in law.

    Rebecca's parents arrive for the wedding.Altough her father was telling about some motorcyle dude on the road.But to his shocked it was Jessie! Yeah it was an bit of an rusty start.Michelle and Howie doesn't liked each other anymore.So Rebecca's father tells Jessie,that when he gets married his single life is over.He has to deal with stuff liked kids even getting an real job.So Jessie decided to do one daring thing before he gets married.Which was to jump off the plane.
  • This was a pretty good episode.

    Jesse has many different adventures on his wedding day. I thought it was funny how Jesse and Joey went skydiving and then Jesse got stuck in the tree. I liked it when Rebecca asked Joey where Jesse was and Joey said that if he didn't come back Jesse told him to marry her himself. Then Rebecca yelled for her mom. I thought the story with Michelle and Howie was really cute. My favorite scene with them in it was when they said...
    Michelle: You're a boy!
    Howie: You're a girl!
    Both: EW!!
    Rebecca: You know, Michelle, someday you're going to like boys.
    Michelle: But not today.
  • Jesse is finally going to tie the knot.

    This is the first part of a two part episode. If you have been watching the show since the beginning this is the big turn around for the Jesse character. After this he wont be the 80s rocking motorcycle party guy that we all watched. Now he is going to be the leader of the show and be a family man. There is an example in the episode when Jesse wakes up Joey early in the morning of his wedding day to go sky diving. Joey wonders why he would want to do something like that the day of your wedding and Jesse admits that he needs to do something adventorous before he gets married. The two part episode wasnt that bad but I will miss the old Jesse.
  • you say tomato I say tomato

    This was an excellent episode. It showed that what other people say effect the out come of what another may do. Like when Becky's dad was talking to Jesse he was saying things that were confusing him. So he set out on one last adventure. Of course trouble follows Jesse where ever he goes. Getting stuck in a tree and getting arrested while Becky waited for him at the church. Great written episode.
  • Very funny wedding preview

    Jesse needs to do one last wild thing. We leaarn Joey learned to fly at some point. Michelle & Howie meet again and thigns have changed - they wouldn't remember each other from that long ago, of course, at 2 & 3 memories aren't very clear. Steph doing the video, showing she's also grown to love the media, most likely, and the other little comical tidbits make this a super episode. If they'd managed to have a way to get Jese and Becky's dad to react to each other after having alredy met it would have been great.
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