Full House

Season 4 Episode 19

The Wedding (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 1991 on ABC

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  • good

    Jesse is taken to jail, and when Becky finds out, she goes over and bails him out, and they discuss why he jumped out of a plane. They go to their wedding, finally get married, and they both look forward to the many adventures as husband and wife they are going to have, as the episode ends.

    Good episode. One of the most important in the series, because Jesse and Becky obviously finally tie the knot and get married. It could've been handled a little better, the wedding itself, but it was still a nice episode with a decent enough plot. My final grade is in the "C" or "B" range. Can't really decide which would be more fair
  • The Wedding

    A very special episode of Full House. This episode rightfully owns up to it's cliffhanger, and leaves us with a sense of emotion that this show does in every episode, but of course, this was a very special kind of emotion. It had a perfect balance of hilarity and emotion, and we got a great montage with Rebecca & Jesse.

    Jesse ending up in jail was hilarious and his argument on whether or not tomato was a vegetable or fruit was also amusing. The party at the end with the toast was heartwarming, with everyone playing their parts perfectly. Michelle wanting cake throughout the episode was cute, and everyone else did just as great in this episode. An episode that surely changed the show forever. Jesse settling down, something you didn't think you'd see when the show first started. Definitely a turning point for Jesse, and concludes an ongoing arc for this show. Great episode here!
  • Part 2 is a fine part of the episode.

    Part 2 The Wedding!
    I really like this part of the episode too because it is the part where Jesse and Becky do and say their thing.I was really happy for Jesse in this episode because he finally got to marry his true love.He and Becky make a great couple and I am glad they put a episode where Becky and Jesse get married.Even though in this episode Joey took Jesse skydiving Becky and Jesse did the right thing telling each other how they feel and how they felt about each other.Becky and Jesse did the right thing and they always do the right thing in every episode I`ve seen.They had the heart to tell each other how they feel.
  • i just love this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this love!!!!!!!!!!! i love jesse and becky, they're jsut so great together and they're wedding is great! they should have called this episode forever because i can listen to jesse/john stamos sing this song for hours, i just absolutely love it! i know it's not the funniest episode with the great unforgettable lines, but it's still my favorite, just because they're finally getting married! and the're doing it right! jesse can even magically remove tomato juice out of his shirt so he can still look good on the picutres they might take!
    the one thing i don't like in this episode is danny's hair : it's becoming way too long!!!
    o and wasn't john stamos the cutest baby you've ever seen or what?????
  • this is an all time fav. very romantic!

    i love this episode. it very romantic. when becky comes to pick up jesse from the jailthe gaurd gives them tomatoes and becky doesnt know what he is talking about. when they get to the church and the get married it actually seems like a real marriage. but my favorite part of it is when jesse goes over to the piano and sings to becky. it just soooooooooooooooo romantic! when they all get back to the hoyse and for their wedding song becy wants and slow love song but jesse wants elvis. as usual. then what they do is they combine it and it turns out to mostly be an elvis song. i really like this episode it is one of my favz.
  • The Characters in this episode did great playing their parts, it was so great to watch an episode where the groom jumps out of a plane, lands in tomato country and just completely mess up his wedding day, until the bride came to save his tail!!!

    This episode of Full House was spectacular because it was so full of suspense, it kept me wondering if Jesse was going to make it to the wedding in time, I loved it!! To me this was a very unique episode and it wasn't like any other t.v. show I have ever seen before. So that goes to show you that they didn't take the idea from another show, which made it even better than any other episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jessie and Rebecca finally gets married.

    As Jessie insult the truck driver about the tomtato.He gets arrested for destorying one peice of tomato.Since the state he was in was an tomato country.Meanwhile everyone tries to keep the guests busy and not too bored of the long wait.Rebecca learns that Jessie,is in prison.So she went to get him free.But after the car being tow away.Lucky an bus full of choir tooked Jessie and Rebecca to the chapel.It was an very special episode.I loved this episode.
  • Really Sweet.

    One of the reasons I fell for Jesse on the show...he was so romantic and the song was beautiful.... I love how they had the choir as a backup...I just thought the episode was really beautiful....\\this is my favorite episode out of all of them. I love how I got to see Jesse and Becky falling in love with each other. It was just an icredible episode....I cried when he sang that song to her. It was so sweet. John Stamos and Lori Loughlin also have incredible chemistry so it worked. I just love Full House so much I grew up watching the show. I am talking about the conclusion to that episode by the way...the actual wedding.
  • Jesse gets down from the tree they left him in at the end of part one. He tries to steal a car and lands himself behind bars. Rebecca gets him out and the rest ends out like a normal wedding.

    It was great. Definetly a series classic, as stated above. The wedding unfolds wild, wacky and out-of-control. Which really puts a backfire on Mr. Donaldson's plans, trying to get Jesse to quit his wild, wacky and out-of-control life to put up with his daughter. It was a great, strong and independant episode. High in action and adventure. Forceful in anger. And the annihilator of many Rebecca v.s. Jesse, Rebecca's family v.s. Jesse and Jesse's family v.s. Rebecca barriers. Basically, it ties up all the family matters of the newly formed Donaldson and Katsopolis(Cochran) family. Welcome, to the new, fuller house.
  • I do

    The conclusion of the episode was as well written as the first part. When Jesse finally gets a call into Becky she runs to help him out. After getting Jesse out of Jail and their being towed and all the other obsticals that the two had to go through they finally made it to the church and had a wonderful wedding and what looked like a fun reception. Great writing. Great episode.
  • A great conclusion to a funny & exciting wedding story

    Having to go way out to tomato country to fetch your fiance can make you hate tomatoes :-) The reception's awesome, too. This is pretty much just a jesse/Becky moment, as it should be since it's their wedding. But, it's a very romantic one, and a super conclusiont ot he 2-parter.