Full House

Season 3 Episode 19

Those Better Not be the Days

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1990 on ABC

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  • Appreciating your parents or guardians is important.

    When the girls got unappreciative by telling the adults to do things without even asking, and without even saying thanks, Danny decides to teach them a lesson using a game that the adults are kids and the girls are the adults for a day. When they switched roles, the girls got their lesson when they had to make lunch for the adults and the adults were being picky on purpose.

    ThIn the middle of the episode, there was the part when Danny imagined what would life be like 30 Years from that time, if the girls were still living in the house. The adults as old people was a little creepy, but Becky was hilarious (watch to find out). The girls fully grown were also slightly weird, but funny, especially Michelle.
  • Switcheriffic!

    On a day where the girls go overboard in pushing the guys to do things for them, Danny takes a drastic measure, switching their places in the houses food chain. The guys are now the boys and the girls are in charge.

    The lesson here is well stated. Stop taking good people for granted. Yes, nice people will bend over backwards to make you happy, but eventually, even the nicest will have enough. Remember to be appreciative of those around you that care enough for you to keep you going day after day.

    The future scene was hilarious (though, why are all three guys jewish?). Having the three lusting over adult Kimmy was, freaky, though.
  • It may not be Friday, but it sure is freaky when the guys and the girls trade roles for a day.

    Three of the last six episodes of the third season are some of my most favorites out of the whole series of a hundred and ninety two episodes. Those Better Not Be The Days is one of them, as I laugh my guts out watching this funny, hilarious, witty, humerous, amusing, side splitting, gut busting, comical episode of one of my favorite family shows of the 80's and 90's. Though almost half of the show is wasted with Danny, Jesse and Joey's dream about the girls still living with them when they are 'grumpy old men', it is still the most funniest part of the show. Joey's increase in weight, Comet really playing dead, Jesse's wig, as his 'hair', Rebecca having a bigger behind . . . And out of all the adults there, it seems to me, Danny is the only one who doesn't seem to have body problems or hair problems. Ha, ha, ha.
  • In this episode the girls learn to apreciate what their dad, uncle jesse, and joey do for them. They switch places. The girls are like the parents and danny, jesse, and joey are d.j.,stephanie, and michelle. The girls realize they should\'ev been thankful

    This episode was pretty good. It was kind of funny too.It was well written. I thought the characters of the girls when they were older were funny. The funniest was michelle. When they showed what the guys looked like when they old , it was pretty gross. They looked so ugly. (sorry). That was like the only thing I didnt like about this very funny episode, but other than that , the episode was very well written. I thoght that becky\\\'s behind was so funny because it was sooooo big.

    ...so, the girls learned to be more thankful to the guys.
  • In this episode, the girls learn the life lesson of appreciating all the guys do for them. They switch places with the guys. The girls are in charge for a day and are wiped out and horrified when the guys don\'t give a simple thank-you. That is the lesson

    I thought that this episode was great. It was hysterical, yet kept with the Full House episode tradition of teaching values in each lesson. It was so funny. I always laugh when I watch this episode. The guys are utterly hilarious being the girls and the girls being the guys is just as funny! This is definitely a family episode. I didn\'t cry in this episode, because though it teaches a value, it is done in a friendly and funny family way. The only weak spot on this episode was the adults who played the Adult DJ, Adult Stephanie, and Older Michelle. I didn\'t think that was as good as the rest of the episode. And the guys were terribly corny as old men. Other than that, a wonderful episode!
  • Who's the boss?

    I thought this was an above average episode. It was a good way to teach the girls a lesson about taking advantage of the guys. It showed the girls, when they were allowed to be the parents and the guys were playing the kids, that being a parent is a hard job and that a small thing like a thank you or thanks is very important.
  • Good lesson

    Another in a line of consistently good episodes this season, it shows the men using a unique technique to illustrate a problem, and it backfiring, which adds a comedic touch. Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing,a nd the girls learned a valuable lesson. The men as old people were quite funny.
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