Full House

Season 3 Episode 22

Three Men and Another Baby

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 1990 on ABC

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  • The baby in both of us.

    Eh. I guess it had to be done eventually, since toddlers do revert now and again, but it was kind of silly and not very entertaining.

    It all revolved around Jesse being a babysitter and Michelle being jealous of the attention he was showing the baby. He tries telling her to act normal, then tries to bribe her using Mr Bear, and finally has the episodes \"big talk\" with her, and she\'s back to herself again, even giving Stephanie Mr Bear back.

    It was ok, but I would have liked to see it earlier in the season. It seemed like filler with only two more episodes left.
  • And even Michelle sings the blues

    Danny is babysitting his neighbor baby.When this baby arrives.It seemed that this baby is getting all the attention.Which is making Michelle feeling jealous and envy that Jessie is giving the baby more attention than her.So she pretend to be an baby in hopes to get some attention.Jessie tried to reward her with Mr.Bear.Unfortunelly that didn't work.Michelle was still jealous of the baby arrival.Which got her mad of course.

    So I could say that this episode should've been title "Even Michelle Gets The Blues" or something.
  • Michelle's got the other baby blues.

    I really didn't care for this episode at all. First of all Michelle is way to little to get that jealous. She really can't think in that manner yet. Michelle also should be used to the family splitting their attention since there is 2 other kids in the house. Seems that the adults were more into making a big deal out of things then Michelle.
  • Michelle was so cute in this episode

    I really loved it when Michelle climbed into the crib and started to suck her thumb and act like a baby, it was especially hilarious when she said goo goo ga ga. I couldn't stop laughing. Mary Kate & Ashley ollsen were 2 talented little babies. One of my favorite episodes.
  • Sibling jealousy is shown quite well

    Michelle is still loving but jealous of the baby Jesse's watching. He goes overboard to try to help him but it makes her feel left out. This is jsut like it would be for a new baby coming into the family, and they do a very good job of creating a storyline where they can have Michelle feeling that way without having another baby.