Full House

Season 8 Episode 5

To Joey, With Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 1994 on ABC

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  • Joey subs for Michelle class.

    Joey volunteers to sub for Michelle class.Since there was teachers shortage and there aren't enough sub.So he decide to volunteer and sub for Michelle class.Danny decided to audition for Jessie's band.At school Joey start to act serious with the class.When Michelle wants Joey to do some cartoon imitation.But Joey becomes more serious and sends Michelle to the principal office after Joey said if anyone makes an peep they go to the office.Meanwhile Jessie has his guitar try-out with different guitarist.Surprising when it was Danny turn it turns out he was better.But before Jessie could make his choice Vipor came and try out the audition.Vipor ends up as Jessie's new guitarist of the band.
  • Viper yummy

    I thought this whole story line in all the episodes that deal with Mrs. Carruthers obession with Joey was silly. It was clear that Joey had no interest in her but she acted silly the whole time making herself look foolish chasing after him.
    Joey was stuck when he started teaching Michelle's class. Most of Michelle's friends know Joey as the funny guy. So while Joey was trying to be serious in his teaching he gets a lot of feed back from the kids. It was fun to see a relationship starting to grow between DJ and Viper.
  • "Joey Gets Tough," 8th season version

    Joey doesn't really take Michelle to the principal's office so she's not going to be in any serious trouble anyway - but she's upset just as D.J. was whens he was grounded. She does get sent to her room for a timeout, but probably had a timeout there, too - if the principal did anything. It was 5 minutes after school started, and they woudln't have even had announcements yet. Probably they have an Australian style Principal's Assistant who's a higher grade a girl usually at the highest grade level) that handles disciline, talking to the kids, etc. - it explains letting Joey just letting her wander the halls there, as well as other earlier things (like why Charles is wiling to tell Stephanie when he hadn't told anyone before - it sounds like she was in a position of trust.)
    So, other than learnign even more that they likely had a PA that Stephanie started most likely, and seeing Danny named Mildew, it did nothing, as D.J. & Viper weren't even that great, I didn't like him as a boyfriend for her personally.
    The more I think about it, I wonder if Michelle even got a timeout - probably she just talked to her. This was just weird. Not bad enough to be a dream sequence, but I think Michelle & Joey more realistically patch things up after lunch & Joey does the egg experiment then. Or even mroe likely right after she comes back from timeout.