Full House

Season 5 Episode 18

Too Much Monkey Business

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 1992 on ABC

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  • Upsetting

    This episode just made me mad. Joey starts dating Dannys sister and he thinks Danny has a problem with it. First of all, even if Danny did have a problem with it, that would be ok because it is his sister after all. The whole episode Joey is acting like a sissy and wouldn\'t listen to a word Danny was saying. At the end of the episode Joey finds out that Danny didn\'t want Joey dating his sister because he didn\'t want to see Joey get his heart broken. This was just one of those episodes where joey puts somebody else before his friends. I hated it when he did that because after everything Danny has done for him and he just acts ungrateful. Joey lives in a big house rent free and then he acts like that. I realize it\'s just a show but when his character is like that it almost makes me want to turn the TV off.
  • Ronald McDonald

    It was very funny when DJ died Kimmy's hair the color of Ronald McDonald. When Kimmy saw it DJ thought Kimmy would freak but Kimmy loves it.
    When Wendy shows up and gets attached to Joey Danny tries to stick his very large nose into their business about dating. Instead of leaving things work out on their own Danny made Wendy even more tempting to Joey.
  • Chimps like Jessie

    Danny's sister came to visit with her monkey "Ginger" who has develop an liking on Jessie.Wendy has an interview with the Zoo.Asking Danny,to take her.But Danny asked Joey,to take her and be friends not hate each other.But after returning back,he learns that they became more than friends.That is what he didn't expect.Meanwhile Kimmy and D.J are having an 3 hour make-over.Stephaine and Michelle are afriad of the bank liked statue that said, "Feed me" thinking it was curse.Apparently Ginger,hates Joey well that was what Joey was thinking.But was playing chase with him.

    Great episode and Ginger likes Jessie!
  • Danny's sister Wendy comes to visit with her chimp Ginger. She and Joey catch up and find themselves attracted to each other. Danny isn't happy about that because Wendy has broken a lot of hearts before, but it takes awhile before Joey listens to him.

    This episode is full of everything. There is funny stuff, like all the things Ginger does. When she comes to the door and Michelle says "Dad there's a monkey at the door". And when she messes with the hair stuff and Kimmy ends up with clown hair. And I especially love the part where she comes on to Jesse in bed and then spanks him! I get that Danny would be concerned about Joey dating Wendy; neither of them seemed to have handled that right. Danny was too much like a dad, and Joey was like a stubborn teenager. It's sweet that in the end she took a local job so that they wouldn't have to go through the long-disance thing.