Full House

Season 7 Episode 4

Tough Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 1993 on ABC

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  • Awesomely awesome!!

    Tough Love was amazing! Nicky and Alex are having behavior problems that are adversely affecting the lives of those who love them. Nicky and Alex even destroy Michelle's science project, which was a model of the nine planets. An angry Michelle lets on that Jesse and Becky should start making Nicky and Alex behave, so Jesse takes the twins to their bedroom for their first punishment, which is a timeout, meaning that they're grounded to their room for a portion of the day. After doing this, Jesse feels guilty when the twins call him "mean daddy" for this, and a "mean daddy" is the last thing Jesse wants to be. Becky reassures Jesse that the twins obviously didn't know that what they said to Jesse hurtful. Meanwhile, Danny, who fears that the girls are too finicky to like Vicky's cooking, bribes Michelle and Stephanie into giving Vicky compliments at the dinner table so they won't make Vicky feel hurt. Overall, I loved this episode a lot and it was funny and one of the best in Season 7!!
  • Finally Jesse takes a stand

    Even though Jesse wimps out in the end he finally takes some action on his uncontrollable nicky and alex. Becky and Jesse have let the kids get out of control. They needed disipline a long time ago. But of course like many parents they try raising their kids to like them instead of liking them but having rules. Sneaking their ice cream up to them wouldn't have taught them anything.
    Danny was wrong in paying Steph and Michelle to pretend to like Vicky's food. Like Vicky said she was gonna be part of the family so Danny should have let the kids be honest.
  • Character development, too - Jesse's finally willing to put the boys in timeout.

    No, not Joey and Danny, his boys :-) This shows Jesse could not have been putting Michelle in timeout ever, as it'd be easy for him to do it to Nicky and Alex. This also shows how Michelle likely got but on a larger scale at age 2 - as all kids that age do a little. Finally, proof that it wasn't the normal (parents teacht heir children" in Michelle's mind - she knew she was a special case, w/D.J. having to handle things often, bso she had to ask who it was who would teach Nicky and Alex. A normal 7YO would know it's the parents, unless their situation had been a little unique like this.
    We also see Jesse shown to be really weak and why - he doesn't want to become his father. As mentioned elsewhere, his dad yelled a lot, and had lots of anger issues. Jese doesn't want to get anywhere near liek that. The writers do a good job of showing that and also showing his getting through this problem, and that most importantly, the parental bond isn't broken.
    I wonder why Becky didn't put them in timeout but I think it's because: 1. He was home during the morning so he'd have to; and, 2. They knew it was Jese w/the problem, Becky could do it easily.