Full House

Season 2 Episode 8

Triple Date

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 1988 on ABC

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  • Very funny.

    Triple Date is a very funny episode. Stephanie was so funny. I loved when her and DJ were in the bathroom. That part was really funny. I also liked how Zoey hated Joey's guts. lol Danny meets Denise at the market and Danny invites her and 2 other friends, Zoey and Cheryl, to his house for dinner. DJ babysits Steph and Michelle upstairs while they are having the date. It turns out that Denise was Jesse's old girlfriend. And DJ accidently puts Danny's wedding ring down the drain, and her and Steph try to get it out, but then it leaks and there's water everywhere. Then, Zoey cleans the bathroom and finds the ring. The couples at the end turn out to be Jesse and Denise, Zoey and Danny (both love to clean), and Joey and Cheryl (love comedy and cartoon voices).
  • hilarious!loved it!

    this episode was so funny not so much on theguys storyline i thought but more on the girls story line which isn't the main one.i loved how when dj dropped dannys wedding ring down the drain,one thing led to another and then the pipe burst,that was such a great act of phsical comedy i think.especially for jodie at her age.very funny,you gotta love full house!
  • Danny, a little apprehensive about dating after Pam's death, decides to go on a date along with the guys making it a triple date night. DJ has some bad luck with her first babysitting job.

    I didn't necessarily like the story line between Danny and the guys, but the girls' storyline was extremely funny and amusing. I think Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron were phenomenal in the bathroom scene, especially Jodie. Her expressions were amazing and she's just so darn cute. This episode really showed how well these girls act. It was definately the girls' night!
  • Danny sets up a triple date w/ a women he met at at the store and DJ drops Danny's wedding ring down the drain while babysitting Stephanie and Michelle.

    Jesse knowing one of the three girls was not too surprising and DJ trying to get the ring with out help from an adult was also typical. Bathroom/ busted pipe scenes are practically the same in all shows so that wasnt very original either. Danny cutting his lip on Denise\'s earing was just kinda stupid. Michelle was calling for \"mama\" when Joey went to check on her, how would she know that word?
  • Not the best

    The idea of a 3-way blind date is kind of funny, but it just seemed a little like filler to me. D.J. was not being very good to Steph, bossing her around like that - I coudl understand if it was for something sTeph did wrong, but we're never told this. Older sisters do take on more of a leadership role in many households, and that part was good, showing D.J. struggling to do what's right w/the ring and all. And, her speech to DAnny was excellent, too. So, there are some things that save this one.
  • no brainer for ending

    I thought this show was not well planned and very predictable. I knew from the minute Denise came into the house and saw Jesse what was going to happen. She was just fickle. The whole thing with Danny cutting his lip on Denise's earing was so fake. The funniest part in the whole episode was wehn DJ stuck the gum to the tie. and in the end when she says to Danny to forget about her tip. This was just a silly episode.
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