Full House

Season 8 Episode 10

Under the Influence

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 1994 on ABC

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  • It was pretty good...

    I think it was an OK episode. But It did have a message to kids though. Ya know the don't drink and drive. But everyone knows not to I think they could've spiced it up more. But Full house is one of my faveorite shows so I won't say anything else.
  • Kimmy gets drunk at a party and DJ brings her home to stay over and Kimmy gets mad saying she embarassed her.

    In this episode Kimmy gets drunk and DJ doesnt let her drive home so she takes her keys, brings over over to her house and Kimmy thinks DJ was just jealous of her. DJ tries to keept it from her dad but he finds out later. Kimmy later finds out that DJ was just trying to be a good friend and not let her drive home drunk because DJ lost her mom from an accident involving a drunk drive and didn't want to lose her best friend the same way. Kimmy finally decides to not be mad at DJ. Horray! Kimmy and Dj are friends.
  • I am not to drive to drunk

    This was a good episode. It shows Kimmy remembering what happens in a totally different way then it really happened. Kimmy was way to drunk to drive home and DJ had the good sense to take the keys away from her. When Kimmy gets mad at DJ for spoiliing her good time DJ gets angry and Kimmy who spent the night at DJ's left. Once Kimmy realised how right DJ was she felt stupid.Good episode.